Saturday, January 30, 2010

I could never..........

I bet you guys thought I forgot all about my sweet bloggy buddies...Well no..I just been a busy girl since Christmas. Haven't we all? I have still checked on you guys about everyday cause I am ADDICTED to your blogs and love you guys.  I have been sitting home all day with my husband and my 3 sweet babies...the Weather Man said snow and we got Ice...just a little but enough that I am not driving in it. This will be my 2nd weekend in a row that I have been housebound so this girl is ready to BUST OUT!! Last weekend all my kids had the dreaded stomach bug and now ice...But I am BLESSED to have kids, a house, heat and a great husband here with us!  I have started on a new adventure for myself since Christmas and it is
I AM DONE BEING THE FAT GIRL!! Lol....I have joined the Biggest Loser at my church and so far I have lost 11 lbs. I am praying and believing that I will go far on this journey and finally get this weight off. I ask you guys to pray for me. I will update you from time to time about it..I am not on any kind of diet cause diets do not work, I am just eating healthier and I have working out with a trainer through our church, and I have an eliptical which I lovingly call it the EVIL Eliptical....but it is kicking my behind right now, but I will beat it!! SO prayers needed you guys for me and this journey ...

Also .. Our lil heart fellow Zbug ...well his 3 mth Cardio and Echo appt is Tues 2/2 and I would like you guys to say a few prayers. I know that God has Zeb in the palm of his hand and I trust him no matter what. I am just praying that his valve is still open and that the leakage is still stable. I myself have a hard time on these appt. days, why...Cause I am the momma!! So pray for me too.. I will post an update when we get the report, the GOOD REPORT!! ...Also updates on Logan Jacks and Derrick Carter from my earlier posts...they are doing well..Thanks for your prayers!! Keep praying for them and stop by their blogs to say hello..I know they would love it!

Sonny and I are looking forward to this upcoming weekend , we are going to Columbia on Saturday for the CHD Conference . We are ready to get some great information and insight and to also have a few hours of "US" time. Also remember Feb 7-14th  is CHD Awareness spread awareness for my Lil man and for all the other precious Miracles affected by CHD...You never know when CHD could hit your family. Believe me it is not picky!!

Well I know this is a short post..but I will be back soon with lots more..I usually have a lot to say!! ;)

Z loves blue trix yogurt!! Can you tell???


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Not About Me.....

I really didn't fall of the face of the blogger world, I have just had a crazy, busy, complicated kind of new year. I have a hard time getting back into full swing with school and routines when the Christmas/New Year break is over. I have lots of stories and fun to share with you, and I also have started a new journey is to lose all this weight. I have joined the Biggest Loser at my church and I want to win!! I will share more about this later, but this blog has a major importance to it and it is for 2 of my very precious Blogger friends and their sweet boys. Urgent Prayers needed for Logan Jacks, who will be having open heart surgery tommorow, January 14, 2010. I have just fell in love with him and his sweet family and he and his family need your prayers. Check out his cute button in my side bar. You can also check out their blog at and let them know you are praying. I am a heart mom too and I know that knowing and feeling your love and encouragement means so much.  Also, Urgent Prayers needed for a cute little guy name Derrick, aka Lil D and his faces will make your heart melt. He is having open heart surgery on Monday, January 18, 2010. Check out his cute button in my side bar as well. Also you can stop by their blog and leave a note or prayer as well,
I have been very very BLESSED to have come to know and love these special Mom's and sweet boys. It has been a comfort to have someone who understands when I worry about little things that may not make any sense to someone else or seem ridiculous or overprotecting. It is also great to know that if I need anything I can call on them and they will pray. So if you will please send up prayers for these sweet guys and check their blogs for updates. I know God is in control and will bring them through, but it makes it so much better when Heart Moms and Dads and Families facing surgery or procedures can feel your prayers. I know 1st hand that they can be felt.  God's love envelopes you like a blanket and you have a peace and comfort that cannot be explained. So Thanks for your Prayers!!
As for me and my blog update, I will post later. The most important thing right now is 2 lil guys Logan and Derrick and they are depending on us!  Cause it's not about me.............

Blessings ~