Saturday, March 27, 2010

10 Things that I just absolutely LOVE.........

1.  Watching my children sleep, they are so beautiful and innocent.  I sit and think Wow, they are really mine.

2.  Hearing Zeb laugh out loud when he is watching Pooh Bear or Mickey, the giggle is so contagious.

3.  Walking in on Preslee looking at herself in the mirror, making silly faces, She is such a DIVA!!

4.  The hugs that Kerrigan gives me when she has just come in from school or play, she gives very good bear hugs.

5.  The sound of Preslee and Kerrigan singing in the car and Zeb joining in too but he don't know the words.

6.  Sitting around the table, all five of us together and talking about our day, telling jokes and laughing.

7.  When everyone is home from school, work, play and just in the house. I am happiest when my family is together.

8.  Walking into church, hand and hand and hearing my girls and my little boy excited about being at God's House.

9.  Summer time pinics, park visits, swim time, movies, or whatever just hanging out with my kids and my husband.

10.  I love my life, my fun, happy, chaotic, sometimes complicated, crazy, ALWAYS BLESSED Life. I  Thank God for it!!

Share with me 10 things you Absolutely Love..........

Many Blessings,


PS.. Here's some Pics from my  I absolutely Love Collection .......

My Preslee Bug ....Love Our Little Diva!!

My  Kerr Bear .....Love Our lil Sweetheart..

Sweet Zbug...Our Miracle Boy!

My guys.....My Fav pic of Z and Daddy the day we came home...

My Girls....So Beautiful...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

There is a little boy....

There is a little boy ....
Zbug looks great and no Effusion! Woohoo! He also got a ok for some "Out of the House time" within reason, no taking him to major germy places and always be cautious of course! So what did we do??? We took him to his favorite place to eat.. CRACKER BARRELL.... of course at a table in the far corner for lunch with germy gel in hand and He LOVED it!! Well See for yourself.........

He was Cleaning up His Plate Pretty Good!!

YOU WANT A BITE?? I WILL SHARE..............

After 3 wks of going NOWHERE but to Dr. he was happy as can be and didn't even fuss about sitting in the booster seat and we picked him up a fun bubble machine on the way out..( the kind like they have at the Dr. Office) You should get one..It is lots of fun! We ( He and Mommy) are fighting over it!!

Many Blessings!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Showing the Love ~

 Zeb really wanted to help Mommy tell you guys how great we think you all are ....

He really wanted to show you his love ....

He helped Mommy make something extra special just for you guys...

I think this one says it ALL ~

We wanted to say Thank you so much for all your love, especially your continued prayers, your encouragement , and for just being our friends. We Love you and we are so Thankful! We are AMAZED at Zeb's progress just 2 weeks post surgery!  God is so GOOD!!  We Love you~

Rhonda & Sonny, Preslee, Kerrigan and Zbug  ~ ~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

What do you do?? ....

What do you do with a 3 yr old 100 % all boy when you can't Run, Jump, or Climb for a few weeks....

Chill out with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV

Sit on the side porch in PJs and blow  bubbles in the sun

Lots of Bubbles for him to POP!

This smile is PRICELESS ~

And make lots of Messes with Finger Paint ....


We loved the Sunshine today but it was a bit cool, so he had on a jacket, We
can't wait until Zbug is All recovered and we can get outside with his sisters and enjoy the Sun~ Fun Times....Happy Spring!

Many Blessings ~


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Here's the shrimps"

Zeb came up trying to hand me something, he said " Here's the shrimps Mommy".  I said What?? I looked down at what he handed me and it was 10 or so steri strips from his incision. I literally was about to panic. Daddy came in to save the day and lifted his shirt to check out the situation.  It was steri strips, but not all of them, actually only about one half the incision was uncovered but enough. This you see is the first time I have seen the small line down the middle of our precious boy's chest. It wasn't even the complete line and the glimpse of it just took my breath.  I know it sounds bizarre, because I was there, I know he had open heart surgery, I saw him in the PCICU, I saw the vent, the tubes, the lines, the bandages. I was there, but this small little one half of a line, made it real to me. I had to regain my composure because I don't ever want him to be ashamed or worried about this. It was just for a moment as a Mommy, I see the reality.  I wanted to cry, I wanted to scream, I wanted to be upset, because I can, because I am his Mommy, because it is unfair he has had to go through this, but I won't. I will Praise God! I will Thank Him for this Precious Line on his Chest and I will get used to seeing it and my finger will one day trace it on his little body, and Praise God even more. I will never forget what God has done for him, and I will be reminded every time I see this line.  Our son's chest was opened to save his life and he will forever have this line on his body. This scar?? NO I think not..I think this is a Badge of Courage, His Superman Badge, He is our Hero.

Rhonda ~

I am his Mommy, I can cry if I want to , but Praise God through my Tears ~


Hello all you Heart Families,

Be a part of something good, but hurry, the clock is ticking.... Get Your Voices Heard and be a part of a PBS Documentary that our special heart friend Logan and his Awesome Mom Stefenie is a part of .   For all the details click on the link below and get started, I am not sure how much more time you have so get started today.


Many Blessings,

Rhonda :)

Zeb the Shiek! (?spelling)
This is what he does when he is sleepy with his binky (blanket) LOL!

Aren't They All Worth It???

Monday, March 15, 2010

Update ....

Just got back from the pediatrician. He was so AMAZED at how well Zeb looked. They treated us extra cautious we were brought in the back door and put in an extra clean room and out the same way. He was excited to see us as he and Zeb's cardiologist go to the same church and he said last night he and Dr. Lucas had quite a conversation about how Zeb was doing. He said Dr. Lucas was so thrilled and excited about the repair. They both acknowledge it was the work of God! Isn't that great to be surrounded by Doctors who believe and acknowledge what God has done? Well ..the mystery rash is still a mystery. Dr. Moll is not sure what it is either but it doesn't look crusty or have puss so he is happy with that. He has called in some prescription cream for it and has gave us strict orders to watch it closely to make sure no pimpley puss filled things occur. So we will be watching it very closely! He did remove the bandage from his chest tube incision and put on a different type of clear bandage so we can see it and watch it more. It has a red ring around it which is fine now, he just don't want it to get any bigger or spread, so we will be watching it closely as well. OF course we watch every move he makes right now, noone has to tell us too! HaHa All in All Zeb is doing great and we are so Thankful! We are Thankful for you too and all your prayers and love shown to us! We Thank God for you daily.

Many Blessings,


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Check it out!!

Hey on over to my sweet friend Shannon's blog she is having a cool giveaway. You can sign up and get to see her adorable lil miracle boy, Derrick, aka Lil D!! He is such a cutie!!

Heading to pediatrician tommorow with Zbug armed with germ gel and germ gel wipes..I wonder if I should bubble wrap him??? I am so worried about going there but Cardiologist wants him to see him in between visits to him. Praying for God to watch over him and keep him germ free!!

Baby got his Boots On ~

Just wanted to share a pic of our Lil Cowboy Zeb playing at home, he was saying YEEHAW, HOWDY PARTNER!!
He is so funny sometimes! We are so Thankful he is doing well. We had a great day at home just being with our sweet girls and precious boy today! God is Good!!

Many Blessings,

Friday, March 12, 2010

Just a thought or two for now....

A pic a fellow heart mom fixed for me ~ ~  PRECIOUS~

It has been a busy busy week..since we have arrived back at home!!! First, let me just say this...THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME...Dorothy hit the nail on the head when she said that, oh how many times, I looked for my red sequin shoes while we were at MUSC but someone took them, they were no where to be found!  I was terrified at first of leaving worrying myself sick with all the this and that and what if and what coulds but once I got home I was fine.  It was just nice to be here and to sleep in a real bed for one thing and to see my beautiful princesses! It didn't really feel like home until they got home officially on Wed night. I have missed them so much. It is so hard to have to leave them but I thank God that we had such wonderful family to help us with them. Wed morning, bright and shining early we had to head to Dr. Lucas' office for cardio follow up. I was very nervous to be exact because the last time we were there is when we got "the news".  The echo turned out great and Dr. Lucas was "More than Pleased" with the repair that Dr. Bradley had done in Zeb's heart.  We Thank God for this repair and consider it a miracle as we were told it would be almost impossible. They did not hear any fluid in his lungs or see any effusion around his heart. Also, his incision looked great. He did have to pull the suture from his chest tube wound and Zeb was not a happy camper but only for a minute. He is not liking Drs., nurses, or anyone at all in scrubs right now , but hey can you blame him.  Also Dr. Lucas helped me to feel better about his valve, at MUSC we were told several times the the valve was very tight or stenosed...Well Houston, to me that sounds like a problem?  I had been up worrying about this several nights, because this is how our history goes in a short sweet sentence....Severe Stenosed Aortic Valve..Aortic Valvularplasty to open up the valve ....cause a mild leak....2nd Aortic Valvularplasty to open up the valve..worked but cause a moderate leak...then 2/2/10 extreme leaky valve..regurgitation, mitral valve irritated etc.,  Open Heart Surgery to correct this ...then
they tell me needless to say I WAS FREAKING OUT!!  Dr. Lucas helped to ease my fears. He said that yes it is tight but it had to be to stop the leak with is ZERO leaking!! PRaise God, and that the stenosis is mild to moderate  and they will just have to monitor it. Of course they have told us that it is only temporary but I have to pray through this and know that God in in control!!!!  I will continue to Trust him!!  

In the mean time Zbug is doing great!! Can we say....BREAK OUT THE DUCT TAPE???? How in the world am I suspose to keep him from running, climbing, and jumping for 6-8 wks??? How in the world??? I am telling you I am a nervous wreck!! He is a mess!! Also of course we are on lockdown for a while and he don't understand why he can't go to school, etc etc...It is a hard life for a 3 year old 100% boy for a while, but we are trying to make it interesting!!  Well..I have lots of pictures to post, and lots of stuff to say but I will share a few now and I will get back with you guys later..

I appreciate all your prayers, all your love, all your kind words for me and our LIl Zbug...we are so Thankful for him and for the Amazing lil man he is ...We call him Superman!! He is our HERO!!

Many Blessings ~


This is my Happy Pic!! All 3 of my Beautiful Babies TOGETHER AGAIN~

This is Z and his heart buddy Lil D (Derrick Carter)

He made Zbug smile....We so appreciate them visiting us at MUSC~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


See ya Charleston!!! We will write, but we sure won't miss you anytime soon! So glad to be going home to my house, my bed and my sweet sissies!!  Praise GOD for he is Good.  Thank you for your continued prayers. We are so Blessed by your love and friendship. Believe in Miracles!! We do!

Many Blessings,

Monday, March 8, 2010


You know what the best thing ever is??

Sleeping in a real comfortable bed and snuggling with my lil man watching Dora/Diego/Mickey etc. for the 1000th time.

Looking out this window overlooking the harbor and the bridge and Lil man in my arms..

Seeing his face light up at the boats and the airplanes flying over once in a while

Watching Sonny and Zeb laughing and playing dinosaurs ...

Eating Zaxbys my husband ventured out to get ...yummo with my husband and sweet lil man and watching him dip dip his chicken into ranch and making a horrible mess he is on the bed....but whoo cares??

Doing all kind of crazy stuff to get Zbug to take his meds...You would laugh if you only knew, but we are just thankful he is here with us and has the strength to be stubborn... If I stand on my head and dance like a monkey will you please please take your Medicine Lil Z??? Please???

Holding my sweet lil boy completely strings attached...

Knowing that tommorow, I will be going home to see my two beautiful daughters and that we will be bringing home their brother and our family will be complete again.

Knowing that we prayed for a Miracle and God heard our prayers...I am so Thankful~

*** We were officially discharged from the unit about 5ish and we are at a beautiful hotel with a room overlooking the Charleston Harbor and the beautiful Bridge. The hospital helped us get it all set up. MUSC is awesome, but I don't want to go there ever again, seriously. The doctors recommended us staying in town tonight since it is late and we live so far, about 4 + hours with the detour and the unit is on call to us at anytime and the cardio doctors and we are 2 min from the hospital. We can actually see the hospital also from our view..that makes mommy more peaceful. Today has been a very overwhelming scary day, hearing all the what to dos when you get home and the look for this and if this happens and the what could happens etc. etc. I was in tears all day. However Zbug has some awesome people caring for him and they were just great. I keep reminding myself they are only a phone call away, but now that we are here at the hotel, I am feeling better. Z is a trooper.. alot stronger than I would ever be. He absolutely amazes me. I am looking at God's handiwork and once again I am crying. Overwhelmed by his Mercy and Grace.

Many Blessings~



It has been a frustrating night, Zbug will not take his meds at all..uggh..his heart rate was increased . Dr. came in to check him out about 12am. Her opinion is that he is masking his pain well and it is causing his heart rate to increase. Echo was ordered for first thing this morning to be sure. Echo tech seemed positive, but waiting on Dr. report.
It does appear according to nurse that we may get to get out of hospital late this afternoon, if all is well. We will most likely stay in Charleston overnight because we are about 4hrs from hospital and with the pain issues we are concerned and nervous. They do agree that it would be a good idea. I don't want to be driving at night with a toddler who just had heart surgery and I am soo nervous and I do not want to have to turn around and come back. So we will see what the day holds..I am scared, nervous, and excited about the possiblity to be at home tommorow to see our beautiful daughters. So I will update when we get the final word, right now we have important things to do...Zeb is ready to go to the playroom in his wheely car, but of course his nurse is here trying to bribe him for meds and its not we will see if that will give him initiative..oh how frustrating.. but we will get there..



Sunday, March 7, 2010


Sorry for the delay in update..been a busy morning. we had a crazy early night, with pain but finally got Zeb to take his meds and he fell asleep around midnight and he slept all night. Thank God. The doctors rounded early this morning and told us that they were gonna leave in Z chest tube for another day. So we went to the atrium to let Z make a craft and then here comes his nurse saying Dr. Bradley ( the surgeon) was here and wanted to go ahead and pull the tube. I of course had a mommy moment and was scared, but I know Dr. Bradley knows what is best. He is the surgeon but he is also a man of God. Because the tube is actually sutured into his chest they had to give Z a shot of morphine in his IV, but he was such a little trooper, I held his hand and he never even flinched. He was waaaay ticked off though. I can tell you that, he gave Dr. Bradley some looks lol. I will post one later of him and Dr. Bradley and the look on Z's face is priceless. So since the tube is out, he had to be still for about an hour and now he has on his Thomas Jammies and is doing good. Dr. Bradley said if his chest xrays continue to look good and he does well overnight, we may can even come home tommorow or tues. We just take it day by day. I am soo ready to come home and see my girls, but we want what is best for our Zbug. Also please pray specifically for this, Zbug is giving us a very hard time, he will not take his meds, he absolutely refuses them and the pain meds are very important and his other meds. We and the nurse thinks he is associating them with pain due to the craziness with pain the other night, because that is when he stopped complying. So please is so necessary and so worrisome that he want take them. We appreciate your prayers and we are so amazed at the work God has done.. Zeb is a champ...on the other hand Mom and Dad, we are nervous nervous nervous, but I know God will provide GRACE FOR US.
It has been sooo wonderful to finally really get to hold my baby on my lap. The Chest tube really hinders that. He still has his IV and his Heart box/system but those are minor..OH how wonderful to hold my sweet miracle boy.. Love u guys.. May God Bless you all.
Many Blessings,

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today has been a good day, we got really good report from the Dr. as I mentioned earlier and Zeb is looking great. I am so amazed at the strength in our 3 year old boy. I would probally be whining and showing out. LOL.. 
Today we got a Glimpse of the Zeb we all know and love....
 He was flirting with his nurses, got them all hemmed up..seriously..
 He was playing like he was a Pirate all day ...which he loves and does very very often at home,
 He was hamming it for the  camera while eating his lunch, and talking on the bed remote like a phone,
 When Mommy was talking to the nurse he is trying to get my attention, so he is calling me Rhonda..
 He has become quite the picasso in Atrium/Playroom and decided today that his Dad would look good
  with a green mustache...It was hilarious...No PIcs...Sonny would not let me ...
 He thinks he is superman, he said me push you in the wheelchair mommy?? Hello....
He has been on my phone all day talking to his many GRANDMAS ....
 He is being very picky and independant...Today he told me that Chick Fil La was disgusting..?? Where did he get that word??
He was giving Dr. high five today...and smiling that big Zbug Smile..
He is being stubborn stubborn stubborn about taking his meds and we are having to bribe him..I bet he is doing it on purpose ?? You Think??
He said his famous line for the first time today again..."What ya doing?" ...( I love it, it's precious)
He made his nurse crack up when she was playing with him and had to go, he said .."No You Get Back Here"....She came back too..(LOL) for a minute or two.. 
He got to go off the unit/monitor for 30 min today and of couse he talked Daddy and I into going to the gift shop and get a prize and a sucker and then the weather was beautiful so we could take him outside for a min or two and he said .."We are at the Park" ...

It has been a complete Joy today to see a Glimpse of our Lil Zeb today.  He is ill tonight and very tired, but hey look what all he has been up to today 4 days post op and still with chest tube...So we are praying and believing for a restful night with nooo pain.  Thank you God for Today...I needed it. I was very sad this morning and crying because I miss my princesses and then some craziness going on with Zeb's chest tube and worrying things that Mommas I needed today and God gave me favor.  Thank you guys for your prayers, we feel them, and we are so Blessed by them.  Please say a few prayers for our lil heart friend Logan tonight he has had a rough time since his surgery and his mom is a very special lady who is precious to our family. She is an encourager and source of strength to me even when she has none. So remember her and her sweet Logan tonight.  Also say a prayers for our girls, I know they miss us, we miss them and I will be happy when our family is complete again. We love you Preslee and Kerrigan, YOU ARE OUR PRINCESSES!!

Many Blessings,



Sorry for the delay...just a quick update..I will post more later tonight..

Zeb is doing good. Chest tube is not ready to come out yet. Dr. Bradley said it could be a day or two more but no worries... The echo was great the valve has no leakage and he is very pleased.  Love you guys..I am having a mommy crying day and I don't know why..uugh...I miss my girls, every little thing worries me about Zeb and I guess it is just my day.. Thanks for your prayers..I will try to blog tonight got lots to tell you about what our lil miracle has been up too. U guys are the best!!

Many Blessings,


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Looking Up ...He is my strength

Our day has been good ..Zeb is doing well, he has amazed us today with his lil superman strength. We got to make a sign for his door today, and we put YOU ARE OUR SUPERSTAR. He is it so amazing the strength he has, I know that most adults, including me could not take the things he has had to endure. Dr. Bradley checked up on Z today and said he looks good, still keeping the chest tube due to drainage, but will reacess that tommorow. One day at a time.  His nurse has just given him some pain meds because she has orders to go ahead and removed he dressing around his incision, so say a prayer, it scares me for him to hurt, I wish I could do it for him. He had a scary pain episode today, Sonny had went down stairs for a brief minute and Zeb was asleep, I had just stepped away from him not even 3 feet and he jumps up so fast almost standing up in the bed, screaming, hurt mommy hurt and crying...It was all I could do to keep him from falling out of the bed. The nurse came asap and she said probally just from being up and about and she got him settled and got him pain meds and he was fine, but it was very not fun for me, because I felt helpless. I know that most of you know because alot of my bloggie buddies have heart babies/children too but it is not fun to feel helpless and out of control . Your emotions and your nerves are on edge. You can't take anything at all. Seeing your child have to go through this is about all that you can take. I pray that no one ever has to experience this. Without God, I could not make it. He loves me unconditionally, he knows my heart, he knows my intermost being and he carries me when I cannot stand. He has carried me so many days, I can't live without him. I am just emotionally spent right now so please forgive me for being real. I am so Thankful for all of you and your prayers and loving me and my son unconditionally, spreading the word, posting his prayer button, and some of you have never even met me or my son. God has really BLESSED me and I am so humbled. I ask for a special prayer for me tonight, I am strong, I think it is all just catching up to me, I can't stop crying.   I will however not stop giving GOD THE GLORY, he has done an AMAZING work in my Zbug. I will not let my emotions or anything take  my focus off this Miracle. I am here on this journey for people to see God and who he is and I pray he will be Glorified.  One of my blogger friends sent a prayer request out for Z and she put on her blog for all you people saying why is this mom blogging during surgery to GO AWAY..Thanks Gap Girl...(Hugs) ...Just for those that may have said that in their mind, I blogged during this surgery to update only, but also to Glorify God, and to let everyone see What God is up too in Z's life. I am so thankful and I will shout it to the heavens. Plus because it calms me down and everyone was waiting on the updates and how to pray.   If I can do anything I will do it for him and his Glory!  Zeb   looks so great and he has just took this by leaps and bounds! We got to make a sign for his door today in Child Life and it says...Zeb,  You are our Superstar. Believe in Miracles..I love it.. I posted a pic on my facebook. I will post it on here later, I have  time getting pics on here from the laptop. I I have some sweet pics of Zbug to share, and I have some other pics of Zbug that I am not quite ready to share just yet, it is very hard for a Mommy to see her child on a vent/breathing machine, no parent should have to see that ever,  but I know I will post later for CHD Awareness and also to show where God has brought us from.  I never forget where I have been...Never ! God is Good no matter the circumstances. 
Yah!! Nurse just came in and I had to take a quick break...Bandage is off his incision and it looks great the nurse says, to me it kind of takes my breath because I am his momma and it is the first time I saw his chest with this. I remember the day of surgery, I couldn't take my hand off his chest before they came and got him, it was breaking my heart to think of him having a scar, but God has opened my eyes that this is a scar yes, but it is also his badge of courage, and a reminder of the miracle he has given us. We stand amazed and we know that God has a mighty mighty plan for Zeb's life. We thank those of you who walk with us on this journey ...We love you!!

Many Blessings ~


ps.  Sorry for sporatic ramblings...just nerves... I will update tommorow ....


Sorry for the delay in updating its been a busy morning. Zeb did well last night and rested great. He has a small pain episode around 3 am but the nurses hurried in and got it under control and he slept well. He is eating solids now and doing well with it, he loves to eat! Today has been a big day, its his first day out of the bed since surgery. He got to go to the Atrium which is a huge playroom and it is so cool, we took him down in a wheelchair but he wanted out he played for about 35 min with different stuff, we were nervous wrecks since he still has his chest tube but he was fine. He is a little tired now, eating lunch and going to wrest for a while and he may get to go back later. The doctors are still monitoring his chest tube, said he may get it out tommorow, we will see how it goes. We see God's strength and greatness in our son, it is amazing and we are so THANKFUL. Thanks so much for your prayers and kind words. We love you! God is Good!



ALSO..thanks for all of you who have posted prayers on your blog, we are so thankful and humbled by the love we feel

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We are officially in the stepdown unit. Praise God! It has been a rough day for Zeb with the move and all, he is wore out. Today he has been saying hurt but not too much and they are taking good care of him. He is a little dehydrated and they are monitoring this, he is not eating or drinking much at all. He is on a liquid diet of course. Hopefully this will improve greatly overnight or maybe he will get fluids. I am just watching him sleep and Thanking God he is okay. We are exhausted so we will be able to get some rest or some form of rest now that we can stay with him 24/7.  I will update more tonight if I can or in the morning..Thanks for your prayers..I do have a couple of phone pics, I was able to upload, one was yesterday and one was of the very 1st smile he has given me since surgery and off vent. I hope it will Bless you. It sure did this Momma.  Your prayers and encouraging words mean so much to me!! Love and Hugs.

Many Blessings,

Rhonda ~

Afternoon of 3/2/10 after surgery

Sweetest Smile I ever saw...

Praise God ...His Grace still Amazes Me ~


Morning Update...sorry no update last night

Zeb is doing very well. He is still in the PCICU right now. It has been a long night, but he is good. They were able to get him off the vent. It was very scary because he was fine and when they pulled the tube he was not breathing well and there was talk about re-intubating but the nurses and Sonny and I kept talking to him and patting him and working with him and he started doing better. Praise God! They discovered that it was the Morphine, his body is not reacting well to it, it shuts down, so they are switching it out soon, but giving him very little doses now. I can tell you he was not a happy lil customer when he awoke, he was pulling wires and pulled his oxyegen and tape straight off his face, uggh! They had to restrain him of course to keep him from pulling out his other wires, chest tube, etc. I was not happy about that but once he got more calm, he is okay with it and his sweet nurse got him a Pooh Bear DVD to watch. Of course he is really in and out so he is not watching it much. We just got kicked out for a while for shift change and doctor rounds, but they did tell us that with his progress he very possibly will get to move to the step-down unit today. This is Amazing!! It will also be great too as we can stay with him all day/night and we will have a room, cause we still haven't gotten into RMH they are so slammed. We have been very BLESSED though and were able to stay at the hotel with our friends, OR I should say me anyway, Stubborn Daddy has not slept a wink until now, he is now in the RMH room here sleeping...I slept about 2 hrs. I feel great though, God is giving me supernatural strength. I can tell you though seeing our 3 yr old go through this surgery and seeing his strength has really Blessed me..It is unreal how strong he is. God is Good! Thank you so much for your prayers, we definately without a doubt feel them. You are such a BLESSING to us. We Love you all. We will update when we find out more later today.

Many Blessings,


Sorry no pics..I don't know how to load from here ..I will post some later ..

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


We got to talk to Dr. Bradley, Zeb is in the PCICU and doing well. He said that Zeb did well  during the surgery and he was very pleased. We get to see him in about 15 minutes. I will post another update later after we see him and find out how he is doing . He of course is still under now and on the vent, said maybe tommorow can start to wean off the vent.  Thank you for your prayers. I am so AMAZED today by God's Constant Grace!

Many Blessings,
Rhonda ~


We just got a fantastic update, we are so blown away. The Physician Assistant called and said that Zeb is now off by-pass (ALREADY!!) and this is the MIRACLE....he was scheduled for a Ross Procedure today, but Dr. Bradley was able to do a repair!! This is a repair that we were told would be very unlikely..slim to none! GOD IS SOO GOOD! We know that God has his hand on our lil man. WE TRUST HIM! There is no permanent fix, but the repair is much less complicated and so much better for Zeb at his age. We are so Thankful...We feel your prayers..Keep praying...LOVE YOU ALL

They will update us again in about an hour or so.

Many Blessings,

Surgery Update 1

They called us at 9:15 and had just started, Zeb is stable and fine. They called just now about 10:10 and he is going on heart/lung bypass now. They have told us it could take 5-7 hours. Thank you for your prayers, we feel them. We are trusting God.

Many Blessings,

Monday, March 1, 2010


The surgery schedule is for 8:30AM. We have to be at the hospital at 6:30 a.m. and should take him back at 7:30am. The surgeon told us he is not sure what route he will take and will not know until they get in to the surgery if he will be able to do a repair or the Ross as planned. We are praying that he does whatever is BEST for our son. It has been an emotionally exhausting day, we have been at MUSC for 7 hrs for pre-op. We found out some other stuff today, but I am not going to go into that today, God is in control and I Trust him. Please pray for my baby and for us and our girls.  I love you dearly all my sweet friends. We will update tommorow during surgery.

Many Blessings,