Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Just "Yus" Early Birthday Celebration

Today for our family, we decided it was Zeb's 3rd birthday. We know that his actual birthday is Tuesday, March 2nd, but he does'nt know that. We don't want our Zbug to associate his birthday with hospitals or monitors, etc. so we planned a small family party or a just "YUS" party as Zeb calls us.  We will have an all-out Celebration when Zeb gets home and recovered with the Mickey Mouse theme etc. he wanted, but oh will we have sooo much more to celebrate. SO I wanted to share just a few of the pics I took.

Happy Early 3rd Birthday to Our Precious Miracle, Sawyer Zeb Lyle ~ ~ ~
Daddy got tons of Balloons

Yummy Cupcakes

Make a Wish...


Got to Lick ALL the icing off my mouth....

Zeb loves his new pal "Woody"

Love this Balloon......

We head out tommorow for Charleston. Zeb has to be at MUSC for  pre-op Monday at 9am. Surgery will be Tues. We don't have details on the time yet. We will keep everyone updated here and our carepage.  ( and his code is zebsstory) Thanks so much for your prayers and your love. God has really BLESSED us with some awesome friends and prayer warriors.



Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweet Zbug

My sister is a photographer and since the plan is for Zeb to have a miracle worked in his heart through open heart surgery on his 3rd Birthday, March 2, 2010. She took Zeb's Birthday pics for me a few days earlier to make me smile. She actually came to my house at 11 o'clock at night with the disc in hand to give me the pics. So here are a few of them I love.....

Mommy's Sweetheart

Full of Joy

This makes my heart SMILE ~

You are our Miracle ~

Blessings to All ~


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Gift of Laughter

Today was special. After the day I had yesterday, anything could have been better, but really today was great. Since the surgery got rescheduled I had already taken off work and Z is out of preschool so we have been just hanging out at home together he and I.  The morning started with me doing some clean up and Zeb always says..."Me help u Mommy", so I gave him a job of wiping the TV screen which he did GREAT! Then he helped me unload the dishwasher, put the clothes in the dryer, and holding the dustpan.  Well I had some other stuff to do too and he needed another job, so I told him he could water the 2 plants in our family room. He was so excited to get to do that. I told him to put "lots" of water in the big one. Well I am in the kitchen and he is watering the plants, and I walk into the family room and what do I see??? Well he water the big plant alright....LOL...It was not the plant I was talking about; to him the big plant was the Beautiful new BIG Spring Floral arrangement a dear friend sent me yesterday to cheer me up, and it was sitting in the middle of our dining table. Well the table was completely flooded with water, water was dripping between the leaves of the table pooling in the floor on the rug, needless to say it was quite a mess.  I just looked at it and looked at that sweet face, and I started to laugh and he started to laugh, and we laughed and laughed and laughed. It was just the best time.  I really needed it and who better to laugh with then my little man.  SO I said ..Oh my the flower didn't need so much water, lets clean up and off he runs to get a towel......
Well after the clean up, I turn on some Praise Music, One of my very favorite songs is the Revelation Song and I was singing it , Zeb comes over and turns the speakers on full blast and he takes my hands and we start singing together as loud as we could sing and Praising the Lord. It was one of those moments that you keep in your head until you are like 90 years old. I will never forget it, my Lil Z singing his heart out with me, even though you couldn't understand but a word here or there and of course it wasn't the right words.  But I Know to God they were the right words, Praise is Praise.  It was the absolute BEST.  Things settled down a bit after that and we watched Winnie The Pooh, Very Merry New Year for the one hundredth time, ( He love Mickey and He loves Pooh and we watch them constantly) ...and it was just about time to go get the girls from school. Zeb had not had a nap and that is not good, because when he has not had a nap , then he goes into mischevious mode. You mothers of boys especially know what I am talking about. Well I had all my clothes on, and had his shoes in hand and I find him in the kitchen on the stool and he is spraying lysol into the sink. I said Zeb what are you doing?? Don't spray the Lysol and I go to grab it from him and what happens...YES, You guessed it....He had also sprayed the splat I am flat in the floor on my bottom/back for the 2nd time in about 2 wks. (FYI, he did almost same thing with armorall not too long ago, he really likes to get stuff and spray it)  ...I was so stunned, I just layed there and Zeb was laughing, he didn't realize I really was sort of hurt, or pride hurt is more like it.  Then he got off the stool and said " Ok Mommy, Me Just Kidding, Get Up Now" ......I am laying out in the middle of the kitchen floor covered in lysol and he is saying Me just kidding, what??....I busted out laughing again and he layed down beside me  in the Lysol and started laughing again , and we laughed and laughed.  So for a few minutes today, I forgot about all that is up and coming and just laughed  and laughed with my almost 3 year old baby boy.  Thank you God, it was such a Gift!



Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bumped ~~

This morning I answered my phone, a call from MUSC. I thought that it was a call from them about pre-op but it was a call from them saying that we needed to be moved to another surgery date. Apparently there had been 2 children that were very critical and needed that slot. I completely understand that, our son Zeb was actually one of those critically ill children at 4 wks old who was lifeflighted to MUSC.  However, I can say that I felt like the wind had literally been knocked out of my body, or someone had tripped me up and I was flat on my back. I had finally got about everything planned from the job, the preschool, the girls care, the packing, the reservations etc., and someone on the road to mentally preparing myself. Then this.  But what came next was the straw that broke the Camel's back or the Mama's heart if you want to say it more literally.  She said that his new Surgery date would be 4 days from the original date, which would be March 2, 2010.  I thought I misunderstood her and I asked her again and she said March 2nd.  At this point, I wanted to throw the phone, I could not talk to this innocent  lady on the phone anylonger. I whispered, " I will have to call you back" just before I broke into sobs  March 2nd for those that may not know is Zeb's 3rd Birthday.  I frantically called my husband and he was so calm and said to give him the number and he would call her. I just sat down on the couch in disbelief.   Finally he called me back and said yes, it was confirmed the surgery date would be March 2nd. I of course argued and cried and then I said ok,and hung up the phone.
Immediately, God reminded me of the 2 critically ill children that needed the Doctor and I started to pray for them and for the Doctors. I know what that is like and no parent should ever have to go through that alone, much less without God. 
Then I called my Children's Pastor and talked with her and she said something to me that really made me think.  It was simpley this.   " God gave you Zeb on March 2, 2007. How fitting, How awesome will it be for him to Work a Miracle in his heart on March 2, 2010. His Birthday, A Day of Celebrating his life."   It really hit home to me. I know now that it will be ok.
I am still as a Mommy sad that this is the day. But I know that God has a greater purpose and I am determined to see it through.   So now we will be leaving for Charleston on Sunday and his pre-op will be Monday and his surgery will be on Tuesday.  We also decided that he never has to know that Tues is his birthday ...Any day is your birthday when you are 3 so we will do a small family celebration this weekend  and when he gets home and gets the all clear for contact with others, we will hve to biggest birthday party/life celebration ever!!   I appreciate your prayers and your love.  I am TRUSTING GOD
completely as we go forward on this journey.  I will admit, I am emotionally exhausted, but I am praying and God will renew my strength.



Monday, February 22, 2010

On with the Journey ....

I have been thinking alot today about purpose. For example what is the purpose for things in this life. I have been praying alot and trying to prepare myself for the fast upcoming surgery date. I said today, If I were magic, I woud press the fastforward button til somewhere in March once the surgery is over and Zeb is fully recovered and some sense of "normal" is back to my life. However, I know my life is never gonna be the regular normal, just our normal.  But of course there are no fastforward buttons, no magic stop button of time, and no specific definitions to normal in this life.  I see our lives as a journey.  We all have our specific journeys that God has for our lives. You just got to TRUST him on your journey.

We all wonder why we are led on a specific journey don't we? I know I do. I will admit I have asked WHY? too many times. I am sure that most of you have, especially those of my "heart" friends who are on a similar journey or even a more difficult journey. It is never easy whatever journey you are given. I just want to for God to be Glorified in my journey.   I been listening to alot of music, it comforts me and I have my favorites that just speak to the core of my soul. One of them is Voice of Truth by Casting Crowns....It reminds me that it all for his Glory.  If one life is touched, if one person finds Jesus, If One heart is mended, then Glory be to God. I will contine on this road, I will Praise him in my circumstances, I will Trust him with my Life, with the Life of my Children.  I think about all the "Good" that happened the first 2 times Zeb was admitted in the hospital for his heart and the procedures. I think about all the Hope that was around us and the people we have been able to share Zeb's story with and how it is truly a MIRACLE that he lived. Only God, and people's lives are changed because of that. I fully 100% believe that my father-in-law is in heaven today because of our son and how he saw who God is through Zeb and his story.  It was for his Glory. 

I am praying that this time, this surgery that God will use us to be the light for someone's else path, that they will see his Hope, they will see his Love, and that they will see him in us and that his Glory will shine and that they will be changed forever. That is my prayer.  God use us for your Glory. We Trust you completely.

Am I still worried? Am I still crying one minute and smiling the next? Am I still almost crazy right this very minute? Do I want to have to travel this Road?  Yes and NO I do not want to travel this road, but I will and I will be holding on to the hem of his garment and Believing in Miracles ...I have seen them . ~~

Thank you for your continued Love and Prayers.  You are my Angels, I have called upon the name of God Almighty and he has sent you to me.

Blessings ~


I wouldn't miss one minute of this Journey with Our Miracle....
Thank You God for this Blessing~ ~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Know He LOVES Me, I Know He Hears Me ~ ~ ~

This week has really flown by and for the first time ever I have not looked forward to the weekend. I know it is because it is the beginning of the week in my life that I really just wish God could delete and move us ahead about 3 weeks and maybe we could have some normal back to our lives. I have actually had a wonderful weekend so far and I will fill you in on some of that in a minute but tonight ...I just want to cry, or maybe scream, or maybe just run till all the breath is out of my body. I am having a serious meltdown and why on this perfect day? I don't know, but I know that God does and he loves me inspite of my tears and my anger. I know he loves me, I know he hears me, I know he does.

The last few days have actually humbled me to see and be amazed by the love of God that is in people. Real hearts of God. The love that has been shown to me and my family in the last week has utterly brought me to my knees. It is not "BIG" things, it is the simple things, the wordless hugs and I love you and I am praying, instead of trying to say something that wouldn't mean anything.  A business associate friend came by my office and handed me a dell laptop just out of the blue, she said I knew that you didn't have one and I wanted you to take mine to the hospital with you so that you can post updates about Zeb. We all will be waiting to hear how he is.  I was so blown away that someone would care so much they would bring their laptop to me to use. God must have shown her that my blog and my friends help me so much, I need their strength and their prayers. Then  the simple gift from a lady I met briefly in a little shop when I was trying to find the perfect small gift for my son's 3rd birthday which he will be having after his surgery. It is almost as if God showed her that my heart is breaking that he can't have the traditional big 3rd birthday party that I had pretty much already planned out  and had to cancel( since I am a big planner) .  She gave me a hug and helped me with his little gift wrapping it beautifully to take with us to the hospital since his bday is Tues 3/2 . Then later that evening she came by my house ( I have never met her but it is a small town so I am easy to find) and she brought me some scriptures and a coffee mug that I had looked at in the shop and just simply said I am praying for you and your little boy. It was God I saw in her, he came to my house and hugged me through a complete stranger.  Then I received an email from the blog fairy who wanted to help me make my blog beautiful to cheer me up and it looks so beautiful and reminds me that God is really writing my story and he knows the ending and he is with me and will never leave me. I am so thankful for the little things. The blog fairy has more than they can handle as well, but GOD sent them to my rescue.  Friday , Zeb's little preschool helped me on his last day to give him a little party with his friends, nothing major but a early birthday for him since it was his last day until he is recovered from surgery and those little kids were so precious. They had prayer time and they asked for prayer for Zeb. I know without a doubt those precious babies were reaching heaven with prayers for their little friend. I Thank God for them and the faith of a child. Then one of the parents sent him a very special gift and a card that was so precious.  Once again God is surrounding me with his Angels on earth. I see them all around me.  On Friday afternoon, I found out that I was being kidnapped by my Coffee Girls  (basically my besties..the friends you keep to the end of the earth) and they had arranged with my sweet hubby of course and Kidnapped me for the night to make me laugh and have fun and just showered their love on me. I can say that I really laughed and laughed and for a few minutes, I forgot.  Once again God sent the troops to my rescue to put laughter back in my life.  I see him everywhere, I feel him everywhere, why am I having such a crazy sad moment right now????  I am human and a mother of a beautiful little boy who is having heart surgery in a few days, that is why.

Today, Saturday I decided that it would be Girls Morning Out since Daddy and Zbug were going to get haircuts and to do some Daddy/Son stuff. So the Lylechickadees and I headed out to my 2nd fav thing ( Thrift Stores) the first is yard sales but it is still too cold out for them just yet... We had such fun just browsing around and looking at stuff, of course the girls found a few treasures they just HAD TO HAVE and I found a few books, and a bag. Nothing major but I love a .25ct deal. It makes me smile. I always say if you need something I can find it at a deal in a thrift shop or yard sale, You wanna Bet?? I always win! :) ... We then went to Target because it is my fav store and just walked around looking at stuff and went to eat lunch at our fav hotdog stand, SKINS and then we even made a fun time at the grocery store, which I despise.. but we had a fun time just being together. I enjoyed my sweet daughters today.   I Thank God for these moments for they grow up so fast, and I cherish them. It is the little things, but it means so much.

Sonny in the mean time had taken Z to get a haircut and took him by the firestation and he got to see " 2 BIG FIRTRUKS MOMMY 2 BIG ONES" He was so excited, and he enjoyed his time with his Daddy so much he fell sound asleep and I just had to join him. I love cuddleing with him. He is such a snugbug.  I am not sleeping much at night, so that nap was great.

So as you can see I really have had a Absolutely Wonderful last few days, so tonight when I just felt like crying, screaming, etc, I feel guilty because God has given me such wonderful moments and Blessed me so. I just wish I could turn my mind off and not be so scared, but Frankly I don't know how. So now that I have written this entire entry in the blog, I am all cried out and I feel better. This blog is therapy to me and through this blog, I have met many many prayer warriors and heart mommas who know EXACTLY how I am feeling right this very minute. I am overwhelmed with details of trying to make arrangement for my girls, paying my bills,  getting my job in order at work since I will be on leave for a while, cleaning my house continuously why? It doesn't really matter but it is helping me, and trying to not completely lose it in the mean time.  Also, still trying to figure out how in the world I am going to explain to my not yet 3 yr old Miracle that he has to go to the hospital in a few days to have his heart fixed???? HOW ON EARTH? and How will I ever be able to hand him over to the nurses to take him to surgery....HOW?? I can't I know that ..God will have to do that for me. 

And as I am writing this Zeb and his sister are in the floor playing doctor and Zeb comes up with Elmo Stephoscope in hand and says "Give me your Heart Mommy" I gotta check it......Tears rolling down my face,  I grab him and hug him so tight and I say " Lil Man I would give you my heart in a minute if I only could" ...then he checks my heart and said it say chuc chuca chuca ...I laugh and he takes that little hand and wipes my tear and says "It's ok Mommy u heart is ok" ..and runs off back to play with Kerrigan...   My heart will be okay once I know my sweet baby boy's heart is ok.....Jesus Come to Our Rescue...We need you...and We Trust You.  I know this is just the pain Before the Morning...nothing can compare to the JOY THAT IS COMING....  (Before The Morning - Josh Wilson)
Thank you my readers for letting me pour out my heart and my tears. I love you and I covet your prayers. I appreciate you so much. I pray for God's Blessings to be more abundant in your life than every before. ~

Rhonda ~

**** My bff sent me this picture a lil while ago on my phone to remind me of JOY and Zeb was having alot of JOY that day and I know that we Zeb, and our wonderul family will have lots more JOY...This picture was from this summer but it has Blessed me so much tonight..I wanted to share it with you ~~

Zeb sitting on the water spout at the Splash Zone....HE LOVES IT!! 

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Well today has been a great day!! I have enjoyed every minute of the day with my precious family.  We finally got some snow, actually about 3-4 inches and it was beautiful. I awoke to find my girls completely dressed and they had every stitch of wintery clothing/apparel they could find on and it was only 8am. I really needed the laugh I got from that. So we hurried up and had breakfast and found Zeb's snow suit and his Woody/Toy Story Boots and his hat and all that jazz and got him dressed and we all just went outside to play in the snow. We built a cool snowman and Zeb named him Frosty. He gave him a big hug then he beheaded him and we had to fix him back up again.  The girls they were having one continuous snowball fight and of course Daddy thought it would be so funny to attack Mommy so of course they all joined in on that fun. It was so unfair 4 against one. ( Yes even Zbug turned on me)   Then they wanted a sled. Well here we NEVER have snow so of course we do not own a sled. SO my thrifty husband rounded up some items and made a sled. I don't know if he is MacGiver or just a true Redneck but he made a pretty cool sled and the kids had a blast being pulled along on the sled.  At one point Zeb got flipped off the sled face first into the snow, he stood up and he put his hands out and said " DADDY THAT WAS NOT FUNNY!"  We all laughed so hard we almost cried. I can tell you God gave us a day filled with Joy and Laughter and I (We) all really really needed it.   Today I didn't sit and worry about Zeb's upcoming heart surgery. Today I enjoyed the Blessings That God has bestowed upon my life. Today I have hug, kissed and snuggled each one of my children. Today I have kissed my sweet husband and laughed with him and enjoyed the time we had. Today I am very THANKFUL and very BLESSED. ~
I know we have a big journey ahead in the next couple weeks, but I know that I TRUST GOD and for TODAY I am letting him carry me.

Blessings ~

Zeb and his "BIG SNOWBALL"

My sweet Blessings

A Heart for Zeb and "CHD AWARENESS"

I love the Joy in his face in this picture......

Monday, February 8, 2010


MUSC called me this morning . Zeb's surgery date for the Ross Procedure is going to be Friday, February 26th.
It is a little over 2 weeks ahead. I have lots of things to do and some things I have no idea. So if all you heart mom buddies of mine have any advice, tips, of any kind of things I will need to do, take or anything at all. Please tell me. Right now I am not myself at all.

Thanks for your prayers and love,


Sunday, February 7, 2010

No More Darkness.......It's All Light!

This morning when Zeb was doing his usual routine of waking up Mommy ...he said " Mommy there is no more darkness.." It's all light! ....I know that in his way he was saying it is daylight..get up Mommy. But this just touched my heart strings especially given the current situation. I really felt almost as if God was speaking to me through my child as if to say...Rhonda don't walk in darkness....Walk in the light and Trust Me...I am holding your son, my son in the palm of my hand.  I have thought about this all day long and the more I think about it the more peace I find.

I have not had a good last couple of days, I will admit. I have went from  shock, gutwrenching sobs, denial, silent tears, physically sick in my body, to anger so strong that during dinner I felt the urge to fling my plat of spaghetti across the room into the wall or actually just fall in the floor and have an all out fit.
It is so not fair....How fair is it for a Mother to have to see there child playing so innocently and so lively and not know what he has to face, what lies ahead????  How fair is it for a Mother and Father to have to see there son have open heart surgery???  IT IS NOT FAIR!! IT ACTUALLY REALLY REALLY SUCKS!
I know that my sweet heart mom friends, most of you, if not all of you have already faced this journey and you survived. I read your blogs, I have cried many of tears for your sweet precious babies and prayed many of prayers, but still today I can't fathom how you survived. I do know that our hope, our help, our peace is in GOD ALMIGHTY. I pray every day for strength for the journey. AND I am so thankful for my sweet friends and loved ones and all your prayers. It means so much, and day by day, I am feeling better, I am grasping it a little as we wait on the call.

We still haven't heard from MUSC, it should be this week. I tell you I want to know so we can get some sort of plan.  How in the world do you even begin to make a plan for your baby to have open heart surgery? I don't know that yet, but I will.  I wait for the phone to ring and when it does, I feel terror in my heart, but I know the time will come and we will have to go forward on this journey.

I am thankful today for a little more peace given to me, a little more strength from sweet little innocent words from my lil miracle. Thank you God for Zeb and for the mighty work you will do in his life and heal his broken heart.

Thank you all my friends for all your love, kind words, and prayers. I need you so much and I am so Blessed to have you in my life.

Rhonda ~

Lil Z and his Daddy!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

The report and now we wait ........

I am so sorry to have left you all hanging. The past few days have been unreal to me. My husband and I have been in such a state of shock and confusion. You are never ready to hear that your child has to have heart surgery, but I would have thought I as Zeb's mother would have noticed something different, or some kind of sign. At his last 3 month checkup, Dr. Lucas was amazed at how well his heart was doing and had even talked about putting us on a 6month plan at this check up if everything looked the same. So needless to say we were completely caught off guard, shaken to the core when Dr. Lucas gave us the report.

The visit started out normal like they all do, most of you guys know the routine. Zeb was loving his sucker and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and laying there like a champ during the echo. I myself didn't notice any change on the echo, but I am not a Dr. or Cardio echo tech.  Then we are sent back to the exam room to wait on Dr. Lucas. It was at least 30 minutes in the room and I started having this sinking feeling, and I told Sonny, "Somethings wrong". He immediately got very defensive and said " No, don't be negative, they are just busy". I as his mother and as most mothers do, have that Mother's Intuition.  I looked at him again and said "Somethings wrong." ..He just turned away from me. Well about 10 minutes later, Dr. Lucas finally came in with report in hand and said " I am not at all pleased with his echo report today" .

Zeb's original CHD diagnosis is Critical Aortic Stenosis with a biscuspid Aortic Valve for those of you who may not be aware. He has had 2 Aortic Vulvoplasty procedures, 1 at 4 wks and 1 at 8 wks and by God's Grace he has not had to have any more procedures.

The echo showed that the leakage in the valve had greatly increased, his pressure gratient had increased about 30 points which indicates more stenosis and he has regurgitation in his mitral valve and it has caused some thickness along the valve. I don't remember it all word for word, because I was in an emotional breakdown and drowning in tears. Dr. Lucas said that he was amazed that Zeb had not shown any outward signs, as in playing less etc. To prove to Dr. Lucas Zeb was being his regularly rowdy lil boy self in the exam room and he had to get his nurse to take him out to blow bubbles so we could finish our conversation.

He said it was definately time for intervention and he would send the report to MUSC, Dr. Bradley and his surgical team to review. The good news was (according to him) that Zeb's heart look like it would be a perfect candidated for the Ross Procedure.  He said that he felt like they would want to get the surgery scheduled as soon as possible in his opinion. He did say that Dr. Bradley may have a different opinion and say let's wait 30 - 90 days but he didn't think so. He said they may call us this week with the plan but most likely it will be next week. So in the mean time we wait. I know this is a brief update, but I will update more later. I just wanted to let you know what the Dr. said. I really appreciate your prayers and love and support.

We are just trying to grasp the things that has been literally thrown at us and the shock we are in. We want everything to remain as normal as possible for our children and try to function normally. It is very hard as I cry at the drop of a hat and I have anger right now, I know you Heart Mom's understand.

Thanks for being here for me. I love you all.


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sometimes we don't get the answer we expect...but WE TRUST GOD

I am just giving a brief update now.  Zeb's heart has gotten considerably worse since his last appointment and his cardiologist is recommending surgery asap. He will be sending his report to Dr. Bradley and his surgical team at MUSC tommorow and we should get a call from them by week end or next week. I appreciate your prayers as right now I am not dealing with this at all...I have no words just tears.
Tommorow I  will feel better and can give you more details...

Love you all..Thanks for your prayers.

Rhonda ~

Today is a hard day ...

Prayers needed today my sweet blogger friends. Last night, my husband lost his mentor and one of his closest friends. Our entire church family and community are deeply saddened. Stan Mclellion and Amazing Man of God lost his battle to cancer last night. We know him as Papa Smurf. We are heartbroken but heaven is shining a lot  more brighter today as I know he is walking the streets of GLORY.. Say prayers for his precious wife Shay, and his Daughters Nikki, Adrieanne and his son Justin, they need God's love and comfort and peace.  Also pray for my children, as they adored him and we have not told them yet. We will tell them tonight. It will be hard to explain to a 9 yr old and 7 yr old why God sometimes chooses to heal someone by taking them to Heaven.  But if we could only see him now.  It is a hard day....

Also today is my Zeb's 3 month cardio/echo complete heart checkup and as you know Mommy doesn't handle this well. I am a worry by nature.  ( I know I know it's a sin) .. I just worry every time we go that it may be that time. I pray we never make it to that time but I trust God with Zeb's life and I know whatever we have to face, he will be walking right by our sides.  I appreciate and covent your prayers. I will post an update later today as our appt is not until late in the day 3:30 and it usually takes about 2 hours. 

I appreciate you guys!!

Rhonda ~
Z in his Daddy's Firefighter Hat!!