Thursday, August 27, 2009

School and This and That

This has been the busiest 2 days....I have been just covered up with stuff to do and have not accomplished much. Any of you guys ever feel like the hamster on the wheel? Just call me Rhonda the hamster.  I have enjoyed hearing all the stuff the kids have done in school when I pick them up, of course the girls are full of stories and they fight over who is talking first and it always ends up with me intervening. Sisters, they fight constantly but love each other dearly. They do love each other right?? Maybe I will see that when they are older..(smile)  So we go home and have our time out sessions often. (gotta laugh)   Zeb of course he tells me the same thing about school every day. This is me..Zeb what did mommy's little man do at school today?  His answer is always this...Me Eat Play.  Simply that every single time, but he loves it!! So whatever is between the eating and the playing makes him happy and thus it make me happy too!!  BUT today ..he says..Me color me you a picture Mommy...I was so excited..and in his bookbag, was the cutes little finger painting you ever seen. It was simply just  a picture with a bunch of yellow paint and a few red and green sploches, but it is the most beautiful painting, I will proudly display it on my fridge!! I am going to need some more space, I can tell that already!! I did get to go to the school today, because our oldest Preslee was accepted into the LAUNCH program which is a program for students who score above average and they are considered gifted and talented. (I knew this already right?? lol , Always a momma)  It is a great honor to be accepted into this program, and she will remain in the program until she graduates. It sounds like it will not only be very educational, but alot of fun. Sonny and I are VERY PROUD of her. She is excited as well, however I don't think she quite grasps all she will be doing along with keeping up with 3rd grade homework. Which by the way is kicking my behind..I am used to being coddled!!!  I am not good with change...most of you who know me know this, so it overwhelms me somewhat and of course Kerrigan going to 2nd grade and Zeb in 2K...this mommy is a worrier...but I pray alot.   But we have made it almost through our 1st full week of school and I have not had a meltdown so that's a good thing.  Well,  I guess I better help them with the homework, get dinner started, and get back on my hamster wheel!! Be BLESSED!!!

5 Things I am thankful for today:
1.  That I have a busy life, it is because I have 3 children, They said I couldn't have...Praise God for them!!
2. For God's Grace every day!!
3. For My wonderful husband who works so hard to support his family. I love you Honey.
4. For My lil Kerrigan who is READING over my shoulder...she has came so far with her reading!
5. That knowing my hope is in GOD and not this world!! Thank you Jesus!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little YELLOW Duck

I just picked up our lil man from preschool, it's his 1st year and he is in the 2K program at Calvary Kid's Preschool. I was looking through his book bag and he had a little drawing in it of a duck and the instruction was to color the duck yellow, as they are learning colors for the 1st time. This little duck reminded me of 2 other similiar sheets that were sent home so many years ago with our girls and it makes me catch my breath. To think that it was almost like yesterday that Preslee and Kerrigan where in preschool learning colors for the 1st time. It is almost scary how much they have grown, and it makes me sad, a weird sadness, because what I wouldn't give to have 1 more time to see them as babies, hold there little tiny hands as small little perfect fingers grasp mine, squeeze those little baby cheeks, to be able to actually hold them in my arms(they are so big now) but as I look at them now and see the little girls they have grown into ; I wouldn't change one moment . It is a crazy mother thing, I guess, but call me crazy...I AM crazy about my kids. So as I look at this sweet little drawing from our Zeb and his 1st time to color something yellow..(even though it is a bunch of scribbles) I want to remember this picture and this moment forever, photocopy it on my eyelids as a reminder that time is going so fast, and not to be too busy, or to caught up in the stuff that doesn't matter, but to hold on to the little things..precious moments we will never have again, but that I will always have in my heart. I wish I could have a constant recorder of every moment of our lives, so that even when I am old and my memory fades, I can rewind them and smile remembering those little moments that can seem so unimportant now but priceless tommorow, of course that is not possible.....THIS is the reason for this blog...a GLIMPSE of our life, the joy I have each day of my family, and why I am so THANKFUL for every moment that God has given us. Ihope you will enjoy our family blog.

Rhonda Lyle ~