Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from Our Heart to Yours.....

Zeb wishes you a Merry Christmas!!!

Z--- I mean Rudolph wishes you a Merry Christmas!!!

The Whole Lyle Crew...Wishes You a Merry Christmas!!!

Our Family wishes you a wonderful Christmas filled with Love, Hope, and Miracles!! God Bless You all this Beautiful Season and May we all remember the reason.... JESUS...The Newborn KING!!!

Many Blessings,
Rhonda :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday Funnies....

As you guys know there is never a dull moment at the Lyle house but a couple things happened last night that just had us in stitches and if you are like most of us on Tuesday morning after the Crazy Mondays we have you need a good laugh, so I thought I would share...

The first thing involves of course our lil heart...Zman...You know our innocent lil sickly child...YEAH RIGHT!!!  He is always an adventure.  A lot of people who don't know us will say " Now this is not the heart child is it?? "  Well YES!! Yes it is!! Praise God !! It is!!!  He does have bad days but let me tell you he is a normal rowdy 3 year old boy and he trys to run with the best of them.....Anyways..getting on my soapbox here.... so he was very quiet and quiet is not a good thing when it comes to Z...

Well I go into his room where he is suspose to be playing and what do I find??? WELL he is cooking... he has the tea bags/ box and all and he has opened them all of them into his toy box, his clothes bin, his mega block firetruck and he says...." Look Mommy...I am mixing up the sugar!"  Oh MY GOODNESS!!! And with the sweetest little grin.... I have never seen such a mess... I was just shocked. I had to walk away...... Well lets just say..I still don't know if I got all of the tea grains out of his room/clothes/toy box, firetruck... but I tried.... ( of course Daddy was not home to see this one...Thank Goodness)  :)  Life with Zeb..count on an adventure...sometimes a mess...Forever a BLESSING!!

Well the 2nd Funny includes me.... and You can laugh because I still am.. Finally Hubby comes home from work, then Fire Department meeting and whatever else his Monday holds...blah blah blah...uggh..I hate Mondays..usually and kiddies are in bed fast alseep and I am lying on the couch trying to relax a min before bed.  I here a noise from under the TV Stand..I keep thinking that a mouse  or some creature..GOD FORBID is trying to come into our house through our cable cord area because it is crazy cold outside. It is FREAKING me out! So I yell for my husband to come in there and he gets on the couch with me and we turn the TV down and he puts his feet up and we mute the TV and we keep hearing the sound..and I say see you hear it...he says " quiet.."  Then all of the sudden....The TV stand door opens and I scream...."AAAAH"  Really Loud!! ....  So much for the mouse or the creature of the night.....It was the dvd player the door was hung up and it was trying to open and it was hitting the door of the TV stand....My husband is still making fun of me. It is a wonder I didn't wake up all the kids... OH well..Like I said...It is never a dull Moment!!!! 

See You in The Funny Papers,

Rhonda :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

Decoration Problems???? Anyone????