Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year and Many Blessings!!!

From our House to yours, WE WISH YOU A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR.....2010 ...WOW!
May all your dreams come true in this new year that God has given us. Remember to Never forget where you have been and where he has brought you to. God is Good!! I pray for over and abundant Blessings for each and every one of your families this year!!

This year we are having a "Chillin like a Villian" New Year's Eve.  We are spending it at home with our kids and just enjoying time together. Preslee and I just made some Yummy Sausage Balls, the Nacho Cheese dip is melting in the crock pot, and the cookies are already baked, oh and let's not forget the hot wings!! We got lots of games to play and we got a great movie to watch also, G I am excited! So we are having a PARTY...a Lyle Party, the kind I really really like. You don't have to dress up, you can wear your PJs, and I get to spend the time with my 4 favorite people in this world!! And of course there is the Midnight Kiss, well I plan on getting 4 of them..How 'bout you?????? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

LOL!!! but not from this MONKEY!!


Blessings ~

Monday, December 28, 2009

Manic Monday Madness!!!

Since I had to return to work today and it's been a busy Mad Monday, just posting a few more pics from Christmas to share.......

    Our display in the Williamston Christmas Park

Preslee in the Church Play....She was a Hula Girl Ornament

Santa has now left the building......WOOHOO!!


Whew!! I am tired watching Mickey Mouse Playhouse DVD!!

Rhonda ~

Friday, December 25, 2009

It wouldn't be Christmas..........

It wouldn't be Christmas without ................
5 people sleeping in our king size bed, waiting on Santa to come..but no room for sleeping.....
2 yr old who is so excited he awakes at 2am and stays awake until 5:30am asking Mommy and
Daddy when Santa is coming.......
8am, 3 wide awake excited children waiting to see if Santa has come...
Mommy telling the Christmas Story and all singing Happy Birthday to Jesus before we ever leave the
Mad Dash to the living room to see if Santa actually came....
Complete Craziness, Big Eyed Children gleeming and laughing with pure wonder......
Paper and Ribbon everywhere..........
Has anyone seen our floor? I know we had one when we came in here.........
Zeb looking up the chimney to see if Santa is still there or stuck maybe???? ..........
Camera Flashing trying to catch the wonder of every moment.........
Open this Mommy, Open this Daddy and Can you believe the amount of twist ties and plastic snaps etc etc they use to package this stuff..>WHERE ARE THE BIG SCISSORS???..........
A mouth full of candy in 2 seconds flat, Santa NO CANDY ALLOWED!!! ........
Hot Fresh Cinnamon Rolls for Breakfast..........
24 Hours of The Christmas Story watching.....
YES, Preslee your tongue can really freeze to a pole......
When is Nana coming?, Can I have a Cookie??????
Homemade Eggnog making.......
Dunkin Donuts Coffee drinking.......
Grandparents arriving......
more presents........
eating and eating, and eating some more.......
" Mommy!" Zeb has a mouthful of tootsie rolls ( 5 to be exact) chocolate oozing down his face.......
Picking up the oodles and oodles of parts and pieces of Zeb's new tool bench. What was Santa thinking??..
"Mommy!" Zeb has peed in the floor!!" I rush to his room and what do I see he is puddle jumping in pee! ....
Baby Bathing cause he is covered in PEE!.........
"Can we have some chocolate cake now PLEASE?" ........
Chocolate faced kids with Sprinkles everywhere.........
Now which wonderful Grandparent bought the gumball machine??? 35 gumballs under the dining room table and Zeb eating them off the floor............
Daddy sleeping in the recliner while the house is completely chaotic.......
Mommy still smiling because if she doesn't show some kind of emotion she will fall over and go to sleep.....
2 year old still going non stop, 24 pack crayons scattered across the family room, tools, trucks, and whatever else in complete disarray, not an inch of floor untouched.........
"Me gotta potty !! Zeb rushes to Bathroom...only to dump his #2 in the floor.......YOUR TURN DADDY!....
Grandparents are leaving now...hugs and oodles of kissing and Thanks You Galore....
Daddy is STILL SLEEPING...........
Mommy hits the couch with Zeb in tow..Pappy and Binky (Blanket)  ready to go..He wants to watch Tigger of course...down for the count 1, 2, 3, HE'S OUT!...........
Mommy turns Tv back to Christmas Story Movie since I LOVE IT and then for a bite or two...
Playing DS with the girls, What the heck?? How do you play this game?? ............
The house is now quiet except for 2 little girls playing quietly........
The family room is filled with toys and clutter, the tree is burning brightly, the kitchen is a mess, but
it is the most BEAUTIFUL sight I see as I remember how it got that way.......
I am so tired I think I will get ready for bed, OH WAIT....I already have on my PJ's for I have had them on all day.............
Blessing are all around, Thank you God...Happy Birthday Jesus!!

Rhonda ~

Thursday, December 24, 2009



He was wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger...

People came from far and wide to worship the newborn babe ...

A multitude of Angels surround the King, Praising God and Saying
"Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth, Peace, Good Will toward Men."

                                         Celebrate the Greatest Gift of All......JESUS CHRIST!!!!

Our Family is wishing you and your family a Wonderful Christmas filled with much love and Blessings and may God our Heavenly King shine upon you and those you love!!

Blessings from The Lyle House ~ ~ ~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


It's TERRIFIC TUESDAY because I don't have to work anymore until Monday. So 5 days to spend at home with my wonderful children and my husband. So now for a couple of pics to share, that I think are Terrific!!

My beautiful girls in Williamston Christmas Park

We live in a small town but we have a BIG attraction, people come from miles around to see our Park every year. It is filled with displays and lights and has an old cubscout cabin that has Mr. Clause himself every night until Christmas Eve. I still remember the memories of going there every year when I was a little girl.....

   Our Lil Z sitting on Santa's Lap in the Cubscout Cabin at the Park .

Christmas Blessings!!

Rhonda ~

Monday, December 21, 2009

An Official Tag....7 Things that you may not know about me....

Well thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Stef, from I have been officially tagged.....SO I will accept the tag with honor and put the 7 things that most people may not know about me and then I will TAG 7 more bloggers that I enjoy get ready!!
1.  I am a yardsale/thrift store junkie...I absolutely love them and if you need it..I can find it!! Try me!!
2.  I was born on my grandma's birthday and I and was her very 1st grandchild. Can we say spoiled?
3.  I am a certified phlebotomist but I work for an attorney as a legal secretary. Weird huh?
4.  I talk way too much, even in my sleep, drives my husband crazy. He says I get it from my grandma!
5.  I have a gift and it is singing, I used to sing solos alot at church and duets with my best friend, but since
     the kids came along, I have sang at only 2 weddings. I mostly now sing to my children and my  husband's
     favorite song at Christmas - "Winter Wonderland".
6.  My husband and I own a small Trophy and Award shop, (Lyle Trophy & Award Shop) it has been open
     now for 2 years.
7.  I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers....We have alot of fun at Christmas time..I am the oldest and the
     prettiest...LOL!!  SSSSH...Don't tell my sisters I said that!

Well that is 7 things that you may not have known about me...I tell an awful lot in my blog posts so maybe some of you were suprised, and some maybe not, so I will tag a few of you guys and see what interesting things we can find out!! Have fun...>TAG UR IT!!!

Blessings from SC,
Rhonda ~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can we say...Sentimental???

I am a very sentimental person, and I love to keep things that remind me of happy memories, especially my kids!! So I thought I would share some of my MOST SENTIMENTAL Christmas ornaments since IT TIS THE SEASON......

This is our Noah's Ark, we all know the story, but this ornament specifically reminds me that YES! GOD keeps his PROMISES!! They are YES and AMEN!! His word Promised me oh so many years ago that if I would have Faith even as a Mustard Seed and believe that I could have the desires of my heart! That desire was for a baby, after 8 1/2 years of infertility and heartbreak. So I took him at his word and YES! God keeps his promises!! I have 3 beautiful Promises, Preslee, Kerrigan, and Zeb!!


This BRIGHT ornament though the details are not very clear is a VERY SPECIAL one in deed. This is the ornament to Celebrate the Memory of Our Very 1st Gift from God, Our Daughter Moriah. I lost her at 4months of Pregnancy. We never saw her face, we never held her in our arms, God had a special place in heaven for her to be with him. She was due, Christmas 1996 and she would be 13 years old this year. It has been very hard to understand why we were not given this child on earth, but I know that God has a plan and I know that all that I have lost in this life..God will return to me in my Eternal Life and I will hold this little one in my arms and see her beautiful face and this special ornament reminds me of that. She is forever in my heart, so you see, I have 4 children. 3 Real Angels here on earth and a Heavenly Angel that one day will meet her Mommy and Daddy, Sisters and Brother on the other side of Heaven.

This special ornament is a handmade ornament of my Sweet Preslee. She was such a cute lil baby girl..pappy and all and now she is 9 years old, going on 15! Time flies, this seems so much like yesterday! This is made of paper and glitter,  but I wouldn't trade it for silver or gold!!

This is our Sweet Kerrigan, an ornament that she fashioned in her little 3 year old hands. It is a grand ornament you see, showing a precious little baby girl, with very little brown curls. She had such a time growing hair, she was 3 when it finally started coming in. This ornament is can't be found on any store or shelf for as you see it is one of a kind! Very precious in deed!!

This little ornament is the one and only Miss Strawberry Shortcake herself! She is a constant reminder of days past, when Kerrigan Grace was 2 and then 3. She absolutely loved "Strawberry" as she called her. Her 2nd Birthday Party was Strawberry Shortcake and when her 3 year old party time came around, well what did we have to have...well of course Strawberry Shortcake!!! It makes me laugh, because once again when she turned 4, she of course asked again for Strawberry Shortcake Bday Party, but we finally got her to change it up..but this ornament always gives me a chuckle and a smile to my heart and if I close my eyes for a minute..I am back there again!!

This little ornament was the very 1st ornament that Zeb every made, it was last Christmas and he was 22 mths old. Of course he had lots of help, but his little sweet hands added the Christmas Ball Stickers. Oh the things that Little Hands can do!! It is hard for us Mommys not to want to hold those little hands tight and keep them little just a little while longer.....Don't you?? Wonder if we could ask Santa for that?

I love this ornament because it reminds me of my brother who is currently serving in Iraq and for all the other men and women serving our country and sacrificing so much for Our Freedom. I can't help but to be humbled when I look at this ornament. What a Price they pay for us? On Christmas morning, we get to wake up with our husbands or wives and hug our children and see their smile and amazement that Santa has come once more and to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!! I can't imagine waking up in another country without my family. What a sacrifice they make, for all of us! Remember to never forget the cost of your freedom. Thank God for our service men and women and pray for their families until they are all safely home.

This ornament is one of my most treasured ornaments. I look at this ornament even on a bad day and it brings hope in my heart.  I purchased this ornament the Christmas of 2007. I will tell you up front this was a very difficult year, a wonderful year because our son, Zeb was born, but a very difficult year. The year that I realized what Trusting God and Believing in his word was all about. When Zeb was born, I almost died. If not for the Mercy and Grace of God, I would not be hear today. I had 5 deadly Blood Clots and was diagnosed with a Blood Clotiting Disorder the day after Zeb was born. They were not sure that I would live, it was out of their hands. The Doctors were amazed that I didn't die during the C Section. But you see, the morning of the Surgery, I had no idea that I was a ticking time bomb but the holy spirit spoke to me that something was not right and at 5am as I was leaving my house my aunt had came to stay with my girls, I told her. Something is wrong, I need you to pray. I know that because she prayed and I prayed and God's Spirit spoke to me I am here today and for all the other prayer warriors that prayed and prayed and BELIEVED after they all found out the horrible diagnosis ..I am here today!! Thank you God for someone who BELIEVED!!   After 31/2 long weeks of recovering and finally feeling like myself, my Faith and every fiber of my being would be tested again. This time it was not me, it was our precious newborn son, only 4 weeks old and in severe heart failure. He had an undiagnosed heart defect. A CHD?  A What??  Yes..he was in very critical condition and I felt like I had already been through the pit of hell with my own health but I was shown differently;  this is the pit, not knowing if your child is going to live or die! I was given a word from God to Trust him and from that minute on..I decided that I would not be waivered and I would not believe otherwise! I prayed for our son and I believed that he would live and I would see him grow and hundreds of people prayed and stood behind us and simply BELIEVED for his life!! This is why he is here today...Because God heard the prayers of those who BELEIVED!! So you see this ornament holds a special place of honor to me and holds a story of a Mommy and Son who fought the odds and won and will never forget where we were and where God has brought us from!! BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!! I DO!!

This special ornament represents a family, a gift like no other, my family. I look at this and I Thank God for he has Blessed me so. I could never express the gratitude and honor he deserves. It just reminds me every day to Count my BLESSINGS!!

Last but not least.....THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE OF ALL!!!
This ornament reminds me and my family of the best gift of all...JESUS CHRIST!!
Everyday I remind my children, that without him we are nothing and I am forever thankful for this precious baby that was born in a cold, cold stable so many Christmas' ago.

"For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is CHRIST THE LORD. " Luke 2:11


What are your precious, priceless, most sentimental ornaments???
Share them on your blog and post me the link in my comments.....I would love to see them!!

Blessing to you and yours this Season.....

Rhonda ~

Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Beginning to look alot like Christmas.........

                                                     Presleebug is hanging Favorite Ornaments....

The stockings are hung by the chimney....

Our Tree is finally Finished!!

Our Santa Sign is Out Front!

                                      The Christmas Parade is Today.. Can we say CANDY!!

                                            Zeb really enjoyed our small town Parade...My 2 guys!!

KerrBear being silly under the tree!!

LOOK!! Santa already left me a present....Lil Zbug!!

Yes, it is finally beginning to look and feel alot like Christmas at the Lyle House...especially with the 27degree weather we awoke to on this Saturday Morning, with sleet/rain tonight. We had a great day today, spending time with friends and family and Zeb got to really enjoy our hometown Christmas Parade, last year he was too little to really get into the fun.. The kids got loads of candy, way too much than they will ever need or I will allow them to eat, but the getting is fun!! Of course the highlight of the parade was Santa at the end on the old antique firetruck. This is one of our annual Christmas traditions and I love it every single year and because we live right in town afterward our house is always filled with loads of family and friends, which I LOVE BY THE WAY , but my husband he kinda freaks out..since we don't have a big house. He is really kind of funny and all of our family and close friends know him very well, so no one is suprised by him. (LOL)
Well today was one of those days...we had altogether 5 adults, 9 little kids, and 3 teenagers in the house altogether today. Well you would think that someone could keep an eye on and be in complete control of one little 2 year old fellow that we all know well..SAWYER ZEB LYLE!!! Well that is exactly what I yelled in shock when I saw what he had done as he comes with that sweet innocent smile and mischevious glint in his crystal blue eyes....this is the scene....He is covered...hands, face, hair, shirt, pants, and feet in a blue liquidy substance...I am about the freak out and then my fifteen year old nephew, Ezra, who Zeb calls Bubba, says."Oh Aunt Roni, it's just laundry detergent." Well okay then....but what he didn't say was that Zeb had emptied the entire bottle of 52 loads of my Mountain Spring smelling laundry detergent into my DRYER!!!!!! Heaven help me!!! Then he got my dust mop for my hardwood floor and was swirling it around in there!! I was completely in shock, I know, I know, Perfect Photo Op..Right??? Wrong, I was in shock mode and my husband was in freak out mode...stripping him down and getting the stuff off of No pics...just the mental pic. I will NEVER forget it!!!  He did this all in about 5 min. Trust me, He is very fast!! Ain't no Heart defect gonna slow him down, much!! Well needless to say everyone thought it was hilarious, but me of course. I like to never got the mess cleaned up and out of my dryer.  Thank God that Zeb and the dryer are still intact and of course smelling very fresh!!!  I had planned to bake cookies after the parade, but this little detour knocked that right out the dryer...So maybe tommorow after church!! So we had a fun day ..but I learned one big lesson today...Never Trust a 2 year old in the laundry room even for a second....or 5 min!! But one good thing...maybe by the time he is 3 I can teach him to wash clothes, he does work well with detergent!! Haha!! Be Blessed....Enjoy every minute...!!!

Rhonda ~

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where does time go????? Memories of Christmas Past

Zeb's 1st Christmas 2007

Precious Children

Love this one!!

So Cute!

Santa's Mini Me!! Love it!!

I stumbled across these today and thought I would share....seems like yesterday!!
Where has the time gone???

Holiday Blessings!!
Rhonda ~

Monday, November 30, 2009

Don't Blink!

I know I haven't posted much in the past week or so, but I have been sick for about 8 days...I have tried to stay as far away from my kiddos and husband and still be the Mommy...but for 2 days, I actually was just down, not functioning at all. Thank Goodness for my husband he stepped in and took over. I had/have still a Upper Respiratory Infection, but Praise God I am feeling better every day. I did feel some better on Thanksgiving so we did have a good day and some yummy food thanks to my mom, but of course my Thanksgiving weekend Christmas Decorating was put on hold because #1. I was sick and # 2. I forgot that last year I threw my tree away because the stand was broken and it was a leaning tree and several times last year I saved it from complete destruction. So now we are treeless.. Hopefully by the weekend, we will have a tree up and the house decorated. It stresses me for it to be December and no tree in my house.  The kids are also asking every day about the tree. So I am in search of a tree!!  Also I am very thankful that so far, my children have not contracted any of my sick bug.  Zeb loves to give mommy kisses and I have so missed them the past 8 days, but I am holding off a little longer to make sure I am no longer germy. I can't wait to get those kisses...they are soo precious!!! 
Well ...I did get the opportunity to spend some time with just my girls on Thanksgiving and they were running and playing in the leaves and I got some great photos. I talk alot about Zeb on here because of course he is "the baby "and our heart baby, but my girls are every bit as precious, so I am sharing these fun pics and a few fun facts about my 2 beautiful first 2 miracles!!

                                        Miss Sarah-Alice "Preslee" Lyle

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Blessings to You ALL!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!! Blessings to you all!!!
I am so Thankful for God's grace in my life, his constant love and strength, my wonderful husband,
my beautiful children, my precious family, and my awesome friends who have all BLESSED my life!



God is so Good!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Help! An Indian has Stolen my Heart!!

Zeb's 2K class gave us a Thanksgiving presentation Friday and a Mini Dinner. It was such fun and I was so proud of him. It was the sweetest thing ever.......It Captured my Heart!

Zeb- "Our little Indian"

Singing the Prayer before Lunch (Precious!)

"I am a hungry Little Indian, trying to lick Germy Gel...YIKES!

See Why he stole my heart????

It was a great day!! I enjoyed it very much and am very thankful that now Zeb can go to preschool and enjoy some fun with friends. It was a huge adjustment at first, but he loves it more and more everyday.

It's been a busy weekend here at Lyle house, we been rearranging rooms and furniture, trying to make more living space for us until we can get a larger house. Now we have a family room/dining room and a den. I am still adjusting to it all. The girls love it!! Also, they are thinking that there Daddy is Grand at this point also, because of their good grades on their report card, they got cable access in their room, so now they can watch Hannah Montana in their room. WOOHOO!! LIFE IS GRAND!! Today was church and a family dinner afterward, which is always special to be with those you love.  So after all of this busy busy weekend we had, guess what?? Mommy is now sick just in time for MONDAY.......UUGH...Sinuses or something, probally all the dust from moving furniture. So hopefully tommorow I will feel better.....I am counting on it!! Be BLESSED!!

Rhonda ~

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thankful Friday.....

I am just Thanking God for my Blessings Today..........

My 2 Precious Daughters

My Sweet Baby Boy

3 Children sent from God

My Family

I am so humbled today, and so Thankful to God Almighty. I will never forget where he has brought us from and the miracles he has given. You are an Amazing God. I thank you for your Grace and Mercy in My life! Have you looked around you today and seen the Glory of God??? If not just look around and you will see him, Just Open your Eyes.......



Rhonda ~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Funky Heart's CHD BLOG CARNIVAL...How Does CHD Affect Me??

Funky Heart has asked the question , How a heart defect affects me? Well 2 years ago, my life was forever changed by a little 4 week old baby boy with a broken heart, my son Zeb. In all honesty before CHD touched our lives I did not know much or very little about heart defects. So this is how it has affected me:

1. I no longer take life for granted, every day is a gift.

2. I could now most likely teach a class on the heart, since I know
    more about the heart now than ever before.

3. I look at my son in amazement each day, and remember where God has
    brought him from and I am thankful.

4. I am always looking for purple fingernails and toenails.

5. I can’t bear to hear a helicopter overhead as it brings me back to
    that horrific day my tiny 4 week old baby boy was lifeflighted to
    MUSC to save his life.

6. Today, I hug my children a little tighter and hold them a little
    longer. It took almost losing 1 of them to realize that every moment is priceless so hold them
    a little longer today, the laundry or whatever can wait. Nothing is more important!

7. I find myself awake at night watching Zeb as he sleeps and making sure
    he is breathing and in the correct breathing pattern.

8. I no longer worry about my kids playing football, sports or being
   the best at their game, I am just Thankful they are here with me.

9. I want everyone I know to hear our story , not for sympathy, because I am
    BLESSED, but so they will know about CHD so they will spread awareness!!
   Everyone needs to know about CHD and the impact of it. SPREAD AWARENESS!

10. I now carry GermX everywhere with me. Just call me the GermX lady.

11. I completely 100% now believe in mother’s intuition and  I don’t hesitate
      to call the Doctor. They know me well. (SMILE)

12. I still cry every single time Zeb has to go in for his Cardiologist
      appointment because I don't think he should have to endure this and
      then I worry myself sick until the Dr. comes in to give the report,
     then I am so emotionally wiped out afterward, I am no good for the
     rest of the day. I can't help it I am just a mommy.

13. After each appointment, I realize how strong he is and that he is a
     FIGHTER. His CHD has made him stronger than I could have ever imagined
     and he is definately stronger than his Mommy.

14. I try to live each day for today and not for the what if and the when
      if Zeb will have to have _________. I can't even say it. I just have
     to pray and keep believing that God will completely heal Zeb's Heart
    and if he chooses not to and we have to face the fire, God will be
    with me to walk through it. He has been with us 2 times before. I have
    learned to TRUST GOD because when you are dealing with CHD and the life
    of your child or love one, it's all you got...HE is our HOPE.

15. CHD has completely changed me, how I feel, how I think, how I
      react, how I spend my time, how I greet each day, as well as the
      lives of my entire family. I could continue on for pages and pages
     of how CHD affects me, but the one think I know now without a doubt
     because CHD has touched my life through my child is this....
     I BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!! I have a 2 year old living breathing,
     laughing, running, playing, all boy, precious, sweet, God given
    MIRACLE living in my house every day! I am so proud God chose ME to
    be his Mommy. He may have been born with a broken heart but he has
    captured the hearts of all who know him and I thank God for him!

                                               Zeb - 4 wks old @ MUSC

                                                  Sawyer "Zeb" Lyle - 2yrs old
                                           WE GIVE GOD ALL THE GLORY!!!!!

Rhonda ~ ( Mom of Zeb, 2 - Critical Aortic Stenosis/Bicuspid Aortic Valve)

Hey all My CHD Moms/Family.....Check out  Adventures of a Funky Heart - and Contribute to his Blog Carnival.....

Sunday, November 8, 2009



Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Last week was a busy crazy week at the House of Lyle...Started out on Monday with Mommy having to go to her monthly doctor appt to check up on blood levels..which were not good!!! Uggh!! I can never get it right, but all is well.Thank Goodness!! Then on Wednesday was Zeb's big 3 month Cardio Echo/Checkup and as usual I am a basket case the entire day. I cry for no good reason and just act like a big ole baby. I know the nurses and doctors see me coming ..they go and find the tissues. I just get this way and I can't help it. I guess it is the fear of the unknown of what could happen. I am a God Trusting Momma..Yes, but I am still human and no matter how hard I try..the tears and the worries still come.....Zeb was such a big boy at his Echo this time. He even let her hook up the wires, with very little fuss, he layed back on that table like a pro with sucker in mouth watching Doro/Diego and had his legs crossed like a big boy. Well guess what this made me do??? Cry of course!! My baby is getting so big.
Well PRAISE GOD we got a great report, Zeb's Valve is still open and the leak is still very mild to minimal and his pressure gratient is good. The Doctors are very please and quite amazed. This was not the prognosis that was given early on...but I can say it is ALL GOD!! His Grace never ceases to Amaze me!! So what did Momma do....Well Cry of course!!!!
Well of course the week is now in full swing preparing for the big event ..Halloween of course...every day non-stop..Zeb is saying "Me be Pirate"...(he wants his costume on) and he wants Candy..He had his Preschool Party on Thursday so I talked him into wearing his last years costume a Biker Dude..He had such a blast...eating McDonalds Happy Meals, Playing in the Park, and eating Candy Candy Candy....Boy was he a mess that day...HYPER.....

This is My Fav Harley Biker Dude !!


He was so tired, he almost fell asleep eating his nuggets...

Then of course school was out of Friday and the girls could barely contain themselves, they got to go to work with mommy for a little while and having pizza and pepsi for lunch and then we spent the afternoon just hanging out watching spooky movies, halloween specials and eating CANDY of course!! Lol I am going to have to detox for a few days from all of this sugar...uugh!  ...Then the big day is here and guess what happened??? RAIN!!!!  BOOO on rain on Halloween, the girls kept looking out the window and worrying that they were not going to get to have any Halloween fun, Zeb of course could have cared less, he was getting to put on his pirate costume today. He asked me the minute he got out of bed that morning and every 15 min until we finally  decided to get dressed!!! 

It's Mini Captain Jack Sparrow Himself!!!

It's Beautiful Miss Liberty !!

It's our Pretty Girl Pirate!!