Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little YELLOW Duck

I just picked up our lil man from preschool, it's his 1st year and he is in the 2K program at Calvary Kid's Preschool. I was looking through his book bag and he had a little drawing in it of a duck and the instruction was to color the duck yellow, as they are learning colors for the 1st time. This little duck reminded me of 2 other similiar sheets that were sent home so many years ago with our girls and it makes me catch my breath. To think that it was almost like yesterday that Preslee and Kerrigan where in preschool learning colors for the 1st time. It is almost scary how much they have grown, and it makes me sad, a weird sadness, because what I wouldn't give to have 1 more time to see them as babies, hold there little tiny hands as small little perfect fingers grasp mine, squeeze those little baby cheeks, to be able to actually hold them in my arms(they are so big now) but as I look at them now and see the little girls they have grown into ; I wouldn't change one moment . It is a crazy mother thing, I guess, but call me crazy...I AM crazy about my kids. So as I look at this sweet little drawing from our Zeb and his 1st time to color something yellow..(even though it is a bunch of scribbles) I want to remember this picture and this moment forever, photocopy it on my eyelids as a reminder that time is going so fast, and not to be too busy, or to caught up in the stuff that doesn't matter, but to hold on to the little things..precious moments we will never have again, but that I will always have in my heart. I wish I could have a constant recorder of every moment of our lives, so that even when I am old and my memory fades, I can rewind them and smile remembering those little moments that can seem so unimportant now but priceless tommorow, of course that is not possible.....THIS is the reason for this blog...a GLIMPSE of our life, the joy I have each day of my family, and why I am so THANKFUL for every moment that God has given us. Ihope you will enjoy our family blog.

Rhonda Lyle ~

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  1. Heyy!
    We'll see if I'm able to comment on your blog..:)..I love your blog...so adorable! I wish we were able to record every moment in our lives as well. I have a feeling we are going to be life long friends all becasue of our precious little special heart boys! They are almost a year excatly apart, but I have a feeling they will get to know each other when they get old enough to know that God blessed them both with special hearts. You have an adorable family and I wish the best to each and everyone of you! We are thinking and praying for you all! Take care and May God bless you!