Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ever have one of those days???? Talk about a Manic Monday ~


You know those days when you feel like going back to bed and starting over??      OR

Or Putting a BUCKET over your head ??? .......

It was just one of those Manic Mondays....started out with lost glasses!! Brand New Glasses that belong to 
my sweet 8 year old princess....Well she didn't lose them, how about that?? "I DON'T KNOW" did it!!  Then of course we are LATE again. I am always peeking out my window to see if the school truancy officer is here with my arrest warrant! Talk about PARANOID!!    Then around 1pm after I am sort of settled in from the Monday Morning Drama..the school calls and Kerr has a fever. So I am off to get her from school. I zoom up the road to the Doctor and will you believe this??? She was MIRACULOUSLY HEALED in the car on the way!!! (not that cannot happen) BUT my kids are always making a liar out of me at the doctor! HAHA .. So  after all that and getting back home around 6pm...someone..."I DON'T KNOW" or "NOT ME" or "THE BABY" (as the girls blamed) decided they were too hungry to wait on Mommy  and decided to forego anykind of dinner ware and have some pizza  ..............................................................................


SERIOUSLY......It's either laugh or cry at this point or maybe SCREAM.....but then Zeb had a great idea..


On his face, on his shirt, on the floor, on the table and all mushed between his fingers!! But who cares? Chocolate Fixes Everything, RIGHT??  Ha Ha....

SO Thankful for Manic Mondays and every day with my 3 beautiful children and their friends, "I DON"T KNOW",  "NOT ME" and whoever else wants to join the daily party at our house!!

Many Blessings,

Rhonda ~


  1. haha I think that's how my day went yesterday :)

  2. LOL! Those "friends" live at our house, too! And, yes, chocolate does make everything better! By the way, is that a barf bucket on Z's head? I know you said the poor baby had been sick... Hope you are all well now!
    Heart hugs,

  3. Ha! Andrew always makes a liar out of me at the doctor, too. He LOVES going to the doctor! Go figure! So he always perks up and acts happy as a lark! Hope your day is going better! :)

  4. Lol...Yes Pam is is a Barf Bucket...but it was new and still clean...I got it to keep in the car since he would throw up one day and then be fine and then next day again..so I got it..LOL..So It will stay in my car...PUKE HAPPENS! Unfortunately tooo often..


  5. I think I have those days every day sometimes. LOL!!! The pizza on the couch, yes I have seen that happen many times with just about every kind of food possible including yogurt. Yes, I said yogurt, bright slimy neon pink yogurt.

    Ahh, the crazy manic state we live in when we are parents but it's our life and it is awesome. Most of the time! LOL!!!