Tuesday, September 22, 2009

He in his House??

Sunday Mornings at our house are chaotic...always the rush to get to church. This past Sunday was not any different than usual except we were running about 30 min behind schedule, so it was even more crazy.  The girls of course were not able to find the perfect thing to wear and Kerrigan our youngest daughter decided she would just wear a tank top...(LOL) ....and we had to sort that out...then of course the hair brush has left the building once again!!!  I am always always the last one to be able to get to the shower, get dressed and run (literally) out the door.  Preslee says to me, Mommy we are very late, are we still going??? I said yes baby we always go to God's House, even late. ( In the background Zeb is taking all of this in of course, while watching Mickey Mouse) ....so Finally we are packed in the car and we get to church ..exactly 30 min late..and it is of course pouring buckets....OF COURSE IT IS!!!  So Daddy pulls us up to the door..and Lil Zeb says ...Mommy we are at God's House!!!! WHERE'S GOD???? He in his HOUSE?? ..... I was so taken with the fact, that my lil 2 year old listened   and he really expected to SEE GOD at his house, our church.  If only we could have that mind set, that expectation...for GOD to be so real that we See him, Feel Him, Know Him, and Trust Him! .....That broke through all the crazy chaos of my morning and it was like God saying......Do you expect me?? Do you expect what I am going to do in your life today?? Lord, Please let me have that mindset of a child..that I Trust you and I am waiting and expecting and believing in you and your word and your Amazing ever present GRACE in my Life!!! .....My answer....Yes Zebee...God is in his house..He lives in your heart.....Our Hearts...God is here...Let's Go inside.  ~~~

Rhonda ~

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  1. That's funny we do the same thing and yes mommy is the always the last one to get ready lol...Kid's say the cutest yet most thoughtful things.Kaden goes back to the nursery sometimes during church and one Sunday morning, Amy, Derek's sister, was watching him in the nursery. She was talking to him about God. They have a speaker back there so whoever is watching the kiddos can hear the sermon as well, but anyways he pointed to the speaker and said that's God. It's always when our pastor starts the sermon. Then Derek told me that was werid becasue he used to the think the same thing as a kid. It was just cute. There was another day when we went up the church to weedeat the yard and I took Kaden to the entrance to set down and play and he asked if God was there and I just told him Kaden God is always with you hes in your heart. And he simply said ok mommy. They are wonderful!...Thinking and praying for you all always! Take care and God bless each and everyone of you!