Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's been a great family weekend at the Lyle House....We had a wonderful family outing Saturday with our Heart Pals..from Palmetto Hearts. We all got lost in the corn maze again, and this year got to watch our lil Zbug walk around in the pumpkin patch. Last year he was too small ...but he was everywhere this year. I say PRAISE GOD!!! Sometimes lil moments will bring me back to reality and remind me of where we have been, or where we could have been, and remind me to give God the Glory he deserves.  As simple as taking  your children to a pumpkin patch....I watched Zeb, Preslee, & Kerrigan running through that pumpkin patch laughing and playing and for a single moment, tears are pooling in my eyes and I remember....all those years of infertility and yet here I stand in a field watching my 3 beautiful children running and playing, My children, the ones I prayed for and prayed for 8 years... then I remember a little 4 week old Lil boy, my small being flown away in a helicopter to MUSC to save his life as he was in critical condition, heart failure, and a momma who had nothing else to do but TRUST IN THE LORD MY GOD and if I would see him alive again or to hold him in my arms again....Yet here he is Running through a Pumpkin patch on an incredibley hot fall day...saying " Wook Momma..I won't this one"..and of course he is looking at a pumpkin bigger than he is..... then I look around and I see all these precious friends and I know their stories, they were all born with Special Hearts..and I see them laughing and playing.and I am just for a moment without words as to the GRACE OF GOD.. Then I remember.....How BLESSED I am...I remember How THANKFUL I am, I remember that I have seen GOD ...and I have experienced a fact 3 of them...that live with me..and that I have seen miracles all around me today in the faces of all these precious heart children that were just enjoying the day eating, laughing, running, strolling, and playing in a corn field/pumpkin patch on this side of Heaven. Thank you God, let us never forget where you have brought us from, and where we have been! Your Grace never ceases to amaze me.

Zeb's Huge Pumpkin

                                                                  My "3" Miracles!!

Rhonda ~                                        


  1. What a great update! Your blog is really cute!!

    Thanks for leaving a message on Logan's blog. I would love to feature Zeb for the Little Heart Heroes. Just send me his pic and info.

    Adding your little guy and family to my many prayers!!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  2. It was great to meet you and your adorable family Saturday!! It really was an amazing day. I can't wait until next year when Derrick can run and play with the big kids. I think he's ready!

    We hope to see you all soon!

    The Carter's

  3. thanks for posting on my blog! your blog is so creative and UH-DORA-BULL!!!! we heart mommys have to stick together!!! :)