Sunday, November 22, 2009

Help! An Indian has Stolen my Heart!!

Zeb's 2K class gave us a Thanksgiving presentation Friday and a Mini Dinner. It was such fun and I was so proud of him. It was the sweetest thing ever.......It Captured my Heart!

Zeb- "Our little Indian"

Singing the Prayer before Lunch (Precious!)

"I am a hungry Little Indian, trying to lick Germy Gel...YIKES!

See Why he stole my heart????

It was a great day!! I enjoyed it very much and am very thankful that now Zeb can go to preschool and enjoy some fun with friends. It was a huge adjustment at first, but he loves it more and more everyday.

It's been a busy weekend here at Lyle house, we been rearranging rooms and furniture, trying to make more living space for us until we can get a larger house. Now we have a family room/dining room and a den. I am still adjusting to it all. The girls love it!! Also, they are thinking that there Daddy is Grand at this point also, because of their good grades on their report card, they got cable access in their room, so now they can watch Hannah Montana in their room. WOOHOO!! LIFE IS GRAND!! Today was church and a family dinner afterward, which is always special to be with those you love.  So after all of this busy busy weekend we had, guess what?? Mommy is now sick just in time for MONDAY.......UUGH...Sinuses or something, probally all the dust from moving furniture. So hopefully tommorow I will feel better.....I am counting on it!! Be BLESSED!!

Rhonda ~


  1. Zeb is the cutest little indian!! So sweet.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Big heart hugs,

  2. Oh I am so sorry Rhonda that you are not feeling well!! BUMMER!!!

    Hope you get better soon!

    Your little Indian stole my heart too! What a cutie!!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan