Saturday, August 21, 2010

Need Your Opinions, Your Advice....

I have really been behind on blogging lately , I have missed it alot really. However today, I have something on my heart that just has to be said.  Most of you who are my blog friends are also on my facebook, so you have seen that I have been requesting daily prayer request  for my cousin's little boy Jayden. He is 2 weeks old. He was born 8 wks premature and he shortly after birth a tramatic brain injury occurred. It is not clear what happened and the doctors have no explaination. I can tell you later that will be sorted out.  Anyway, the doctors say that Jayden has severe brain damage and they give little hope for him. However, they will admit that they really just don't know because he is so young and he will grow and mature. My cousin's family has just endured pure horror from his caregivers.  Ok..Now to the point of my blog.

As a heart mom, and all of you fellow heart moms and friends. We have endured long hospital stays, and all kind of health care facilities and employees. I have NEVER been treated the way they have been treated. I am so angered and even shocked at some that has been said to them.  First of all they are told daily that they have no idea what they are getting into as for the care that baby J will require...WELL IS THIS THEIR CHILD?? DO THEY HAVE TO PROVIDE AND CARE FOR HIM???   They have even came into to find a DNR on his chart/incubator that they never signed for. Can you believe that?

They are asked daily anytime that they have to do something for him, do they want to continue treatment or just let him go.  She has told them many many times to do everything they can do for him. It is almost like they are trying to make her give up.  I know that most of you are praying people and believe in the power of our ALMIGHTY GOD!! We are believing in a miracle for Sweet Baby J.  We know the reports, but he is such a fighter, he even was off the vent for over 24 hours and doing well.   However, they never give her any hope, it is always about his brain injury and how complicated it will be to take care of him etc etc. They encourage her daily to just give up on her baby.  Can you believe this?  I just wanted to get opinions from my heart friends and what you think?  Let me say this, his parents are young and this is their first baby, but they have a huge support system, including my husband and I. However the hospital want even let us take shifts sitting with the baby, they said the family can only see him if he is dying.   I know I am all over the place, I am angry.  What I am trying to say is that his Mom and Dad  have said that if the baby was suffering or they were at a point where they were doing things to him and not for him then they would let him go, but this is not the case. I want to know your opinions, heart community, or mom's in general, and prayers......We are praying, watching and waiting for a miracle...I believe that this lil fighter is going to amaze these negative nellies....  Here is a sweet pic of Jayden..

Sweet Baby Jayden

Thank you guys...I got lots of blogging to catch up on  and school stuff and Potty adventures, but right now I am desparate for advice for sweet Jayden..We love him so....Want you please pray with our family for him??

Rhonda :)


  1. We are praying for him! Even with all we've endured in our family, I have seen to many miracles to ever give up. The way I look at it is pretty simple...God gave him life and HE should be the one to decide when to give him Heaven.

    With the strides that this sweet boy has made, I wouldn't give up just yet. These babies are much stronger and more amazing than we know! :)

  2. Rhonda, I know they are not in a position to go to a different hospital, so if I were them, I would be talking to the top brass about what is going on. Heads would be a'rollin'!
    The bottom line is... God made Jayden. God is much bigger than any medical diagnosis. God will show Himself through Jayden's situation. If they believe that, they must stand up for it. God will use their testimony in the lives of the medical professionals that they are coming in contact with, too. Maybe one of God's purposes in this trial is to draw unbelievers to Him. He will use your family members and even little Jayden to do that.
    Keep us posted on what is happening and we will remember them in prayer.
    Heart hugs,