Sunday, August 22, 2010


I tell you I think I need to go into the business of writing a potty training soundtrack.. This week I have done everything I know including some crazy potty songs to encourage the Zman to potty and stay dry!!
The first song we sang was to the tune of NO Parking on the Dance Floor ---Taking it back old school

" NO POTTY ON THE UNDERWEAR BABY" NO POTTY BABY" ...Lol. Zeb loves this one..

Then the next song  to the tune of Party all the time.... "POTTY ALL THE TIME" POTTY ALLLL THE TIME" ...

I was really beginning to thing my musical talents or lack of was working because he was doing great and we even through in a dance number. Wonder if we can get on that show ...SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE? I  want to be on SO YOU THINK YOU CAN POTTY!!! HAHA

Anyway the Zman, my sweet lil innocent boy has gone to preschool and stayed dry 3 out of 4 days and then he will come home and guess what he does??? Well...HE lets it rip!!!!  Everywhere ! And he is not no skimper on the me!! UUGH!  WHY ??? I ask him and he says..." I don't want no gum Mommy".... HA~! Well you caught me I was bribeing him too!!

So I guess if we don't get this my sweet, precious, super stubborn, 3 yr old boy will have to go back to the 2K class. He is on a 2-3 wk probation.. OH MY Probation at 3 yrs old.>I REBUKE THAT IN JESUS' NAME!!   I know if that happens...those 2 yr olds will be thinking like who it this giant boy in my class because those of you who know Zeb know he is one tall lil guy~~

SO here we go for round #2 ...Potty Training/ Singing / Dancing 101 ....


Rhonda :)

He even got the Tattoo to go along with his Potty Probation...LOL!!

Who could resist this face??? LOL! ! I can't be mad!! :)


  1. Lol! They make him go back to the 2 yr old class if he won't stay dry?! Geez, is it potty boot camp?!? Lol. We are in the same boat. Andrew will do fine when out and about, but once he's home- forget it. I am curious to see how he does starting school this week. We plan to send him in underwear- oh boy! But I don't think they flunk him if he has an accident! Let's hope not anyway! :P

    Good luck with round 2! It's not an easy task!! :)


  2. Rhonda!! LOL!!! This post was so darn funny. Potty training is the pits....really. I think these kids should come with a manual so we know exactly what we have to do to potty train each one since obviously they all require different training modules. Ha ha!!

    Praying that Zeb whips it into shape and starts staying dry.

    I also forgot to comment on your previous post about Joshua's family. I do think it is appalling that they are pressuring the family to end things. I think that they should be giving them their medical opinion on how he is doing and allow the family to come to a decision. Gosh Rhonda, just looking at the pics of him with that sweet little face and his eyes open just makes you feel like it is not time to be giving up. Why does it matter what his medical needs are going to be? I was kind of irked about their comment to the family on that. Our kids have lots of medical needs and I know a few families with kids on ventilators and they make it. Why not let them have the chance to love their precious boy, right! Joshua at least deserves the chance to fight, to live and to be loved like God intended him to be.