Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Morning Car Ride .... and SITE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION>>>

The Things going on in my car this Thursday Morning:

"Would you rather eat buggers on a sandwich or roaches? Remember Buggers aren't alive!"

"She's touching Me, and breathing on me!! "

Kerrigan reading to Zeb a Halloween book... in January.

Preslee telling me about this boy at school who pretends to hug hisself while making smoochie faces...He thinks he is funny... Really??  Then she says.."You know mom like he is making out?"" .... WHAT!!!! She is 11....I spun my head around like the exorcist lady on that one......

Radio Blaring Justin Beiber or Jason Aldean or whoever my daughter's have hijacked my radio with that given morning....and the sing along which with all the other chatter, I don't see how they do it... and then someone starts singing "All the single ladies".... That would be Z...he is so funny sometime....

"Mom...she wont read to me anymore!! "


It is a wonder if I ever make it there...LOL...

Rhonda ~

*** FYI I am working on my blog...trying to update it some.. so if you see something wierd on it..I am trying.. or maybe I just forgot..LOL...

My Blessings

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  1. I'm so glad you're blogging more!!! The car ride sounds absolutely perfect!