Sunday, April 25, 2010


Our son Zeb turned 3 years old on March 2, 2010.  Most children spend their "Birth" day having parties and lots of fun. Moms and Dads take many pictures of cake and balloons and presents gallore and have a joyous day. Most parents often take for granted that on their child's birthday they can say "Happy Birthday Baby"....and even sing Happy Birthday to them on that day. We will NEVER take that for granted again!  You see we didn't get to wake up and sing Happy Birthday to our son Zeb on his actual birthday, or even hug him and say Happy Birthday Big Boy, not on this birthday.  I cannot tell you the hurt in my heart, I cannot even express it in anyway or form.

This is our Baby Boy on his 3rd Birthday.
You probally think, What in the world? .....Why ? On his birthday? .....Well we did not plan it that way, he was suspose to have his surgery on February 26th but because of 2 precious babies in serious emergency situations our surgery date got bumped to March 2nd, which was Zeb's 3rd birthday.   We were basically devistated and we had to do some serious praying about it, but we Trust God completely and we knew he had a plan. Yes it was the day God himself had given us this precious little boy, 3 yrs before, so why not Trust him 3 years later to give him to us again. He did and Zeb received an amazing Miracle that day on his actual "Birth" day. A wonderful repaired Aortic Valve. So God gave him a gift we could have never had given him and we are so Thankful.    But we did not get to say "Happy Birthday Baby" or sing "Happy Birthday songs" or open presents or take happy pictures...this is one of the many pictures we took. ( I haven't the courage to post the others yet, but I will one day) ... I did not want our son to remember this day or the days to come as his birthday, so we decided he would have HIS DAY on another day and not only would we CELEBRATE the "Birthday" but the Gift we have been given once again, our beautiful son,  Sawyer Zeb Lyle, our fighter, Our CHD Survivor!!

So we pulled out all the stops....It was a BIG CELEBRATION for our 3 yr old MIRACLE!

                         OF COURSE YOU GOTTA HAVE A MICKEY MOUSE CAKE!!!


                                                  THANKING GOD FOR A MENDED HEART
                                       OUR LIL FIGHTER!! HE IS OUR HERO!! 

                                                                           BEYOND PRICELESS ~

Zeb had the BEST birthday party ever! It was magical and so much fun! I will never forget this smile on his face. I will TREASURE it as long as I live. He had the Birthday Party he deserved and We got to Celebrate his birthday but oooh so much more, We Celebrate his life, the blessing he is every day, We Celebrate the hope that we have in God and his Amazing Grace and Mercy in our lives, We Celebrate that we don't have to worry about tommorow because GOD has it all in his hands, his plans are for our Good and we shall not be afraid.  Isaiah 43:2 .."When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee; when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee"; Isaiah 43:7  " Even, Every one that is called by my name; for I have created him "FOR MY GLORY"......   Almighty God we give you ALL THE GLORY and ALL THE PRAISES, we are so THANKFUL!  Your Grace Still Amazes Me...

Many Blessings and Much Love to you All ~



  1. Rhonda,
    A beautiful post and tribute to your little heart hero. God is good and even when we can't understand the "why's" we can trust that He holds us in His strong hands. So glad that Z is doing great!
    Heart hugs,

  2. What a beautiful post Rhonda! It is so true that many don't realize how very lucky they are to celebrate their kids birthdays.

    I loved the cake and the special touch with the mended heart. You are such a blessing to know and I am thankful for our boys bringing us together!

    Thank you for sharing your heart!