Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just Evidence of a Miracle

This is the first time ever I put a pic of Zeb with his incision up, but you know what ...GOD IS SO GOOD and he did an AMAZING MIRACLE in our Son and we are not ashamed of his Superman Zipper, it is just the evidence of OUR MIRACLE!! I LOVE this pic...Couldn't resist!!!

He Loves the Bathtub!!

We got the best report this week too at his Cardiologist appt! Zeb looks Awesome and after next week he can resume being 100% boy. (not that he hasn't already, it has been hard holding him back) ... His new Aortic Repair has absolutely NO LEAKAGE whatsoever , not even a speck...PRAISE GOD!! It is stenosed but mild at this point, his gratient pressures are low, his heart function is great! His Mitral Valve does have a mild leak but the doctors are not even concerned about that at this point and will just monitor it! We know God did an Amazing Work ! We go back in 2 months~!  We of course were told that this is only temporary but We don't serve a temporary God!! We know that no matter what God will bring us through~  To him BE THE GLORY~!

( I will be doing his Birthday Party Post soon!) Can't wait~

Many Blessings and Much Love,


**** Say some prayers for Jilly Kimble....Surgery today..Doing well...but needs Prayers.. 


  1. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!! Love it! I don't have time to look around now but I will bookmark and come back:)


  2. I totally agree- those "zippers" are pretty special! What a miracle! Thanks for sharing!

    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  3. Love the zipper pic Rhonda! No we are not ashamed of our little guys' scars but I know that sometimes it can be hard sharing those pictures!

    Zeb looks great and I am so happy that things continue going well for him! Our God is a wonderful God!

  4. I know Stef..I still can't bring myself to share some of his hospital pics, it is still too fresh for me. I will eventually share them for CHD Awareness though. I took lots of pics but haven't even printed them yet. I know you know where I am coming from too well.

    Rhonda ( I love you guys!)

  5. I just came across your blog, your family is beautiful and so strong! The youngest of my 4 boys, was born early 2009 with Critical Aortic Stenosis. I am so glad that your son was able to have a valve repair instead of Ross procedure! IT is a little scary to be reminded how fast there little valves can change! God Bless you and your family! Feel free to check us out at