Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Has it really been 8 years???

I can't believe that my lil black eyed beauty is 8 years old! It seems like it was yesterday they put her in my arms!  She was born on her Daddy's Birthday, and she weighed 8lbs and 6 oz. The exact same thing he weighed when he was born. Isn't that ironic?  She has the most precious loving heart you will ever meet. She is beautiful inside and out. I am not just saying that because she is mine. She especially is very protective of her baby brother. It is soo funny. She can't stand it if he gets in trouble and she will say.."Mommy he is a baby".  It is so sweet! She loves to draw and is quite the artist and she loves to sing.  She had a great birthday celebration at Skateland USA this past weekend with her friends and family. The theme was PEACE OUT. Ha Ha.  We went from Minnie Mouse (1st birthday) to Peace Out....oh how they grow so fast.

I love you Kerrigan Grace Lyle! You are such a Blessing and I am honored to have you as my daughter. My greatest Joy is when God made me a Mommy. I am very Thankful for you. I have enjoyed every second of the last 8 years watching you grow and become such a little lady. I am so Proud of you and honored to call you my daughter. You will always be my baby girl. Can you please stop growing so fast?? (Smile) ....

Many Blessings,

Rhonda ~


  1. Neat cake Rhonda!! It is hard sometimes to think that our precious babies are growing up! Time sure does fly!

  2. Happy birthday Kerrigan!!

    Love, love, love the cake!! And wow...what a Daddy's Girl right from the start! :)

  3. Love the cake! Your girl has great taste!

    Happy birthday!!! Isn't spring the best time to have babies??? I loved having Wyatt this time of year!

  4. What an adorable cake! Happy (late) Birthday Kerrigan!!

    I love how she was born on her dad's birthday at the same weight, how sweet.