Friday, April 2, 2010

No Running, No Climbing, & No Jumping...but LOTS OF FUN .....

It was such a BEAUTIFUL day . We wanted to get out of the house and enjoy the day together, but No Running, No Climbing, No what in the world can we do?????????????    .............

Find some Ducks to feed

Watch out for the Goose behind you Preslee.....

Stop for a minute and Smell the flowers

Check out an old Caboose..

Feed some fish...but don't fall in...

Take Adorable Pictures with your Mommy

Count Your Blessings ....

We decided to spend the day at Clemson University's Botanical Gardens, we had so much fun and we were ALL TOGETHER . It was wonderful to be out together as a family, enjoying this beautiful earth and all the creatures in it that God has given to us to love. We are so Thankful today as we remember the sacrifice God made on this Good Friday so many many years ago, he gave his very best, his son. We love you God and We will forever Praise You !   Happy Easter to my Sweet friends. Celebrate Him!!!

Many Blessings to You ALL,



  1. Thanks for sharing your special day with us! It looks like you guys enjoyed lots of family time together!

    Happy Easter to you too!

  2. Hope you guys had a great Easter. Good Friday looks like it was lots of fun! I'm so glad you all have been able to keep that cute guy entertained while keeping him "calm"!! :) How much longer?

  3. I love the last picture you have of all of your kiddos together. Such a gorgeous bunch! Hope you all had a great Easter. I know I did (well, I really enjoyed the chocolate WAY TOO much).