Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Can we say...Sentimental???

I am a very sentimental person, and I love to keep things that remind me of happy memories, especially my kids!! So I thought I would share some of my MOST SENTIMENTAL Christmas ornaments since IT TIS THE SEASON......

This is our Noah's Ark, we all know the story, but this ornament specifically reminds me that YES! GOD keeps his PROMISES!! They are YES and AMEN!! His word Promised me oh so many years ago that if I would have Faith even as a Mustard Seed and believe that I could have the desires of my heart! That desire was for a baby, after 8 1/2 years of infertility and heartbreak. So I took him at his word and YES! God keeps his promises!! I have 3 beautiful Promises, Preslee, Kerrigan, and Zeb!!


This BRIGHT ornament though the details are not very clear is a VERY SPECIAL one in deed. This is the ornament to Celebrate the Memory of Our Very 1st Gift from God, Our Daughter Moriah. I lost her at 4months of Pregnancy. We never saw her face, we never held her in our arms, God had a special place in heaven for her to be with him. She was due, Christmas 1996 and she would be 13 years old this year. It has been very hard to understand why we were not given this child on earth, but I know that God has a plan and I know that all that I have lost in this life..God will return to me in my Eternal Life and I will hold this little one in my arms and see her beautiful face and this special ornament reminds me of that. She is forever in my heart, so you see, I have 4 children. 3 Real Angels here on earth and a Heavenly Angel that one day will meet her Mommy and Daddy, Sisters and Brother on the other side of Heaven.

This special ornament is a handmade ornament of my Sweet Preslee. She was such a cute lil baby girl..pappy and all and now she is 9 years old, going on 15! Time flies, this seems so much like yesterday! This is made of paper and glitter,  but I wouldn't trade it for silver or gold!!

This is our Sweet Kerrigan, an ornament that she fashioned in her little 3 year old hands. It is a grand ornament you see, showing a precious little baby girl, with very little brown curls. She had such a time growing hair, she was 3 when it finally started coming in. This ornament is can't be found on any store or shelf for as you see it is one of a kind! Very precious in deed!!

This little ornament is the one and only Miss Strawberry Shortcake herself! She is a constant reminder of days past, when Kerrigan Grace was 2 and then 3. She absolutely loved "Strawberry" as she called her. Her 2nd Birthday Party was Strawberry Shortcake and when her 3 year old party time came around, well what did we have to have...well of course Strawberry Shortcake!!! It makes me laugh, because once again when she turned 4, she of course asked again for Strawberry Shortcake Bday Party, but we finally got her to change it up..but this ornament always gives me a chuckle and a smile to my heart and if I close my eyes for a minute..I am back there again!!

This little ornament was the very 1st ornament that Zeb every made, it was last Christmas and he was 22 mths old. Of course he had lots of help, but his little sweet hands added the Christmas Ball Stickers. Oh the things that Little Hands can do!! It is hard for us Mommys not to want to hold those little hands tight and keep them little just a little while longer.....Don't you?? Wonder if we could ask Santa for that?

I love this ornament because it reminds me of my brother who is currently serving in Iraq and for all the other men and women serving our country and sacrificing so much for Our Freedom. I can't help but to be humbled when I look at this ornament. What a Price they pay for us? On Christmas morning, we get to wake up with our husbands or wives and hug our children and see their smile and amazement that Santa has come once more and to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus!! I can't imagine waking up in another country without my family. What a sacrifice they make, for all of us! Remember to never forget the cost of your freedom. Thank God for our service men and women and pray for their families until they are all safely home.

This ornament is one of my most treasured ornaments. I look at this ornament even on a bad day and it brings hope in my heart.  I purchased this ornament the Christmas of 2007. I will tell you up front this was a very difficult year, a wonderful year because our son, Zeb was born, but a very difficult year. The year that I realized what Trusting God and Believing in his word was all about. When Zeb was born, I almost died. If not for the Mercy and Grace of God, I would not be hear today. I had 5 deadly Blood Clots and was diagnosed with a Blood Clotiting Disorder the day after Zeb was born. They were not sure that I would live, it was out of their hands. The Doctors were amazed that I didn't die during the C Section. But you see, the morning of the Surgery, I had no idea that I was a ticking time bomb but the holy spirit spoke to me that something was not right and at 5am as I was leaving my house my aunt had came to stay with my girls, I told her. Something is wrong, I need you to pray. I know that because she prayed and I prayed and God's Spirit spoke to me I am here today and for all the other prayer warriors that prayed and prayed and BELIEVED after they all found out the horrible diagnosis ..I am here today!! Thank you God for someone who BELIEVED!!   After 31/2 long weeks of recovering and finally feeling like myself, my Faith and every fiber of my being would be tested again. This time it was not me, it was our precious newborn son, only 4 weeks old and in severe heart failure. He had an undiagnosed heart defect. A CHD?  A What??  Yes..he was in very critical condition and I felt like I had already been through the pit of hell with my own health but I was shown differently;  this is the pit, not knowing if your child is going to live or die! I was given a word from God to Trust him and from that minute on..I decided that I would not be waivered and I would not believe otherwise! I prayed for our son and I believed that he would live and I would see him grow and hundreds of people prayed and stood behind us and simply BELIEVED for his life!! This is why he is here today...Because God heard the prayers of those who BELEIVED!! So you see this ornament holds a special place of honor to me and holds a story of a Mommy and Son who fought the odds and won and will never forget where we were and where God has brought us from!! BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!! I DO!!

This special ornament represents a family, a gift like no other, my family. I look at this and I Thank God for he has Blessed me so. I could never express the gratitude and honor he deserves. It just reminds me every day to Count my BLESSINGS!!

Last but not least.....THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE OF ALL!!!
This ornament reminds me and my family of the best gift of all...JESUS CHRIST!!
Everyday I remind my children, that without him we are nothing and I am forever thankful for this precious baby that was born in a cold, cold stable so many Christmas' ago.

"For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is CHRIST THE LORD. " Luke 2:11


What are your precious, priceless, most sentimental ornaments???
Share them on your blog and post me the link in my comments.....I would love to see them!!

Blessing to you and yours this Season.....

Rhonda ~


  1. I loved the little "tour" of your treasured ornaments. I have those as well and look forward to adding more little pieces to our tree as the kids grow.

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  2. Just wanted to let you know that enjoy following your blog and gave you a "tag" award on my blog! Stop by to check it out!

  3. I love the reasoning behind the Noahs Ark and the Believe ornaments. They really touched my heart.