Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year and Many Blessings!!!

From our House to yours, WE WISH YOU A WONDERFUL NEW YEAR.....2010 ...WOW!
May all your dreams come true in this new year that God has given us. Remember to Never forget where you have been and where he has brought you to. God is Good!! I pray for over and abundant Blessings for each and every one of your families this year!!

This year we are having a "Chillin like a Villian" New Year's Eve.  We are spending it at home with our kids and just enjoying time together. Preslee and I just made some Yummy Sausage Balls, the Nacho Cheese dip is melting in the crock pot, and the cookies are already baked, oh and let's not forget the hot wings!! We got lots of games to play and we got a great movie to watch also, G I am excited! So we are having a PARTY...a Lyle Party, the kind I really really like. You don't have to dress up, you can wear your PJs, and I get to spend the time with my 4 favorite people in this world!! And of course there is the Midnight Kiss, well I plan on getting 4 of them..How 'bout you?????? HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

LOL!!! but not from this MONKEY!!


Blessings ~


  1. Happy New Year LYLE FAMILY!! WE Love you all and PRAISE GOD for you all!! WE are grateful to have you and looking forward to what GOD is going to do this year in all of our lives!!! LOVE YOU !!! HAPPY 2010!!!!!
    P.S Sounds like you guys had a GREAT NIGHT!! Yummo FOOD TOO!!! :)))))

  2. Happy new Year!! Sounds like you guys had a great time! We had our little party yesterday filled with movies, my spicy beef dip and lots of togetherness!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  3. Ha! That monkey is pretty funny!!

    Your party sounds like the best one ever! That's pretty much what we did too. There's nothing better than being at home with the ones you love...and getting lots of New Year's kisses!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Where oh Where is my FRIEND!??? Lol!! Love ya and miss ya!!

  5. Rhonda,
    You should be able to just copy and paste the post. At least that is what I did from Shannon's. You may have to go to her post first and do it from there. Let me know if you need more help and I will ask my computer guru (John) to help:O). Are you coming to the CHD Conference? We are and hope to see y'all!