Monday, December 21, 2009

An Official Tag....7 Things that you may not know about me....

Well thanks to my friend and fellow blogger Stef, from I have been officially tagged.....SO I will accept the tag with honor and put the 7 things that most people may not know about me and then I will TAG 7 more bloggers that I enjoy get ready!!
1.  I am a yardsale/thrift store junkie...I absolutely love them and if you need it..I can find it!! Try me!!
2.  I was born on my grandma's birthday and I and was her very 1st grandchild. Can we say spoiled?
3.  I am a certified phlebotomist but I work for an attorney as a legal secretary. Weird huh?
4.  I talk way too much, even in my sleep, drives my husband crazy. He says I get it from my grandma!
5.  I have a gift and it is singing, I used to sing solos alot at church and duets with my best friend, but since
     the kids came along, I have sang at only 2 weddings. I mostly now sing to my children and my  husband's
     favorite song at Christmas - "Winter Wonderland".
6.  My husband and I own a small Trophy and Award shop, (Lyle Trophy & Award Shop) it has been open
     now for 2 years.
7.  I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers....We have alot of fun at Christmas time..I am the oldest and the
     prettiest...LOL!!  SSSSH...Don't tell my sisters I said that!

Well that is 7 things that you may not have known about me...I tell an awful lot in my blog posts so maybe some of you were suprised, and some maybe not, so I will tag a few of you guys and see what interesting things we can find out!! Have fun...>TAG UR IT!!!

Blessings from SC,
Rhonda ~


  1. Thanks for sharing the little known things about you!! Wasn't that fun?!

    I was actually born on my grandparents wedding anniversary and I too was their first grandchild. Yes...I admit I am spoiled!!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  2. That was a fun read! I love learning new things about you. I am the oldest in my family also (5 kids).

    And I will get my post up on Noahs Adventure with in the next few days. I needed a post for it and this worked out perfectly.