Saturday, December 12, 2009

It's Beginning to look alot like Christmas.........

                                                     Presleebug is hanging Favorite Ornaments....

The stockings are hung by the chimney....

Our Tree is finally Finished!!

Our Santa Sign is Out Front!

                                      The Christmas Parade is Today.. Can we say CANDY!!

                                            Zeb really enjoyed our small town Parade...My 2 guys!!

KerrBear being silly under the tree!!

LOOK!! Santa already left me a present....Lil Zbug!!

Yes, it is finally beginning to look and feel alot like Christmas at the Lyle House...especially with the 27degree weather we awoke to on this Saturday Morning, with sleet/rain tonight. We had a great day today, spending time with friends and family and Zeb got to really enjoy our hometown Christmas Parade, last year he was too little to really get into the fun.. The kids got loads of candy, way too much than they will ever need or I will allow them to eat, but the getting is fun!! Of course the highlight of the parade was Santa at the end on the old antique firetruck. This is one of our annual Christmas traditions and I love it every single year and because we live right in town afterward our house is always filled with loads of family and friends, which I LOVE BY THE WAY , but my husband he kinda freaks out..since we don't have a big house. He is really kind of funny and all of our family and close friends know him very well, so no one is suprised by him. (LOL)
Well today was one of those days...we had altogether 5 adults, 9 little kids, and 3 teenagers in the house altogether today. Well you would think that someone could keep an eye on and be in complete control of one little 2 year old fellow that we all know well..SAWYER ZEB LYLE!!! Well that is exactly what I yelled in shock when I saw what he had done as he comes with that sweet innocent smile and mischevious glint in his crystal blue eyes....this is the scene....He is covered...hands, face, hair, shirt, pants, and feet in a blue liquidy substance...I am about the freak out and then my fifteen year old nephew, Ezra, who Zeb calls Bubba, says."Oh Aunt Roni, it's just laundry detergent." Well okay then....but what he didn't say was that Zeb had emptied the entire bottle of 52 loads of my Mountain Spring smelling laundry detergent into my DRYER!!!!!! Heaven help me!!! Then he got my dust mop for my hardwood floor and was swirling it around in there!! I was completely in shock, I know, I know, Perfect Photo Op..Right??? Wrong, I was in shock mode and my husband was in freak out mode...stripping him down and getting the stuff off of No pics...just the mental pic. I will NEVER forget it!!!  He did this all in about 5 min. Trust me, He is very fast!! Ain't no Heart defect gonna slow him down, much!! Well needless to say everyone thought it was hilarious, but me of course. I like to never got the mess cleaned up and out of my dryer.  Thank God that Zeb and the dryer are still intact and of course smelling very fresh!!!  I had planned to bake cookies after the parade, but this little detour knocked that right out the dryer...So maybe tommorow after church!! So we had a fun day ..but I learned one big lesson today...Never Trust a 2 year old in the laundry room even for a second....or 5 min!! But one good thing...maybe by the time he is 3 I can teach him to wash clothes, he does work well with detergent!! Haha!! Be Blessed....Enjoy every minute...!!!

Rhonda ~

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  1. Oh my gosh!!! My jaw dropped when I read about Zeb, the laundry detergent and your dryer. Then I burst out laughing. I am sorry but is always funnier when it isn't happening to us.

    WOW!! At least I am not the only one with a trouble making monkey roaming the house!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan