Saturday, March 27, 2010

10 Things that I just absolutely LOVE.........

1.  Watching my children sleep, they are so beautiful and innocent.  I sit and think Wow, they are really mine.

2.  Hearing Zeb laugh out loud when he is watching Pooh Bear or Mickey, the giggle is so contagious.

3.  Walking in on Preslee looking at herself in the mirror, making silly faces, She is such a DIVA!!

4.  The hugs that Kerrigan gives me when she has just come in from school or play, she gives very good bear hugs.

5.  The sound of Preslee and Kerrigan singing in the car and Zeb joining in too but he don't know the words.

6.  Sitting around the table, all five of us together and talking about our day, telling jokes and laughing.

7.  When everyone is home from school, work, play and just in the house. I am happiest when my family is together.

8.  Walking into church, hand and hand and hearing my girls and my little boy excited about being at God's House.

9.  Summer time pinics, park visits, swim time, movies, or whatever just hanging out with my kids and my husband.

10.  I love my life, my fun, happy, chaotic, sometimes complicated, crazy, ALWAYS BLESSED Life. I  Thank God for it!!

Share with me 10 things you Absolutely Love..........

Many Blessings,


PS.. Here's some Pics from my  I absolutely Love Collection .......

My Preslee Bug ....Love Our Little Diva!!

My  Kerr Bear .....Love Our lil Sweetheart..

Sweet Zbug...Our Miracle Boy!

My guys.....My Fav pic of Z and Daddy the day we came home...

My Girls....So Beautiful...


  1. Sweet blessings! I love this post! :)

  2. I loved reading your 10 things! :) I might have to do one of those one of these days... fun! Thanks for sharing your beautiful family!

    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  3. Great post Rhonda! After reading your list of the ten things you love it is so easy to see how much you LOVE your family. They are so blessed to have YOU in their life as well!