Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Just "Yus" Early Birthday Celebration

Today for our family, we decided it was Zeb's 3rd birthday. We know that his actual birthday is Tuesday, March 2nd, but he does'nt know that. We don't want our Zbug to associate his birthday with hospitals or monitors, etc. so we planned a small family party or a just "YUS" party as Zeb calls us.  We will have an all-out Celebration when Zeb gets home and recovered with the Mickey Mouse theme etc. he wanted, but oh will we have sooo much more to celebrate. SO I wanted to share just a few of the pics I took.

Happy Early 3rd Birthday to Our Precious Miracle, Sawyer Zeb Lyle ~ ~ ~
Daddy got tons of Balloons

Yummy Cupcakes

Make a Wish...


Got to Lick ALL the icing off my mouth....

Zeb loves his new pal "Woody"

Love this Balloon......

We head out tommorow for Charleston. Zeb has to be at MUSC for  pre-op Monday at 9am. Surgery will be Tues. We don't have details on the time yet. We will keep everyone updated here and our carepage.  ( and his code is zebsstory) Thanks so much for your prayers and your love. God has really BLESSED us with some awesome friends and prayer warriors.




  1. It looks like Zeb had a great time celebrating his birthday a little early!

    Thinking of you guys and sending up many prayers!!


    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  2. Happy Birthday, Zeb! What a great idea to have an early birthday party so that he does not associate his birthday with the hospital. You'll have lots of prayers coming from our house for all of you during the next little while! Good luck! Thinking about you!

  3. It looks like the party was a blast! Zeb looks so excited!! I'm glad you all were able to have that "Yus" time that you needed before heading down to Charleston.

    Lots of prayers for all of you! We'll be waiting for updates and praying hard!!

    We're going down to Charleston Thursday. Maybe we can visit for a minute. :)

    Big heart hugs and PRAYERS!