Monday, February 8, 2010


MUSC called me this morning . Zeb's surgery date for the Ross Procedure is going to be Friday, February 26th.
It is a little over 2 weeks ahead. I have lots of things to do and some things I have no idea. So if all you heart mom buddies of mine have any advice, tips, of any kind of things I will need to do, take or anything at all. Please tell me. Right now I am not myself at all.

Thanks for your prayers and love,



  1. Let me think on it and I will email you lots of advice. Just be calm and trust in Him! Sending you lots of hugs! Love ya girl!

  2. Not sure if they have any left in your area but the button front two piece flannel pjs come in handy after surgery when they are cold but can't have anything covering their chest. I found quite a few a month ago before Logan's surgery. Otherwise if you have any button front shirts those will work well too.

    Pack lots of comfy clothes. I was in sweats, lounge pants and even pjs most of the time we were there. No reason to get dressed up plus it is a lot more comfortable lying in bed with them when you have comfy clothes on.

    Pack lots of movies for Zeb, toys and books.

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan