Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Gift of Laughter

Today was special. After the day I had yesterday, anything could have been better, but really today was great. Since the surgery got rescheduled I had already taken off work and Z is out of preschool so we have been just hanging out at home together he and I.  The morning started with me doing some clean up and Zeb always says..."Me help u Mommy", so I gave him a job of wiping the TV screen which he did GREAT! Then he helped me unload the dishwasher, put the clothes in the dryer, and holding the dustpan.  Well I had some other stuff to do too and he needed another job, so I told him he could water the 2 plants in our family room. He was so excited to get to do that. I told him to put "lots" of water in the big one. Well I am in the kitchen and he is watering the plants, and I walk into the family room and what do I see??? Well he water the big plant alright....LOL...It was not the plant I was talking about; to him the big plant was the Beautiful new BIG Spring Floral arrangement a dear friend sent me yesterday to cheer me up, and it was sitting in the middle of our dining table. Well the table was completely flooded with water, water was dripping between the leaves of the table pooling in the floor on the rug, needless to say it was quite a mess.  I just looked at it and looked at that sweet face, and I started to laugh and he started to laugh, and we laughed and laughed and laughed. It was just the best time.  I really needed it and who better to laugh with then my little man.  SO I said ..Oh my the flower didn't need so much water, lets clean up and off he runs to get a towel......
Well after the clean up, I turn on some Praise Music, One of my very favorite songs is the Revelation Song and I was singing it , Zeb comes over and turns the speakers on full blast and he takes my hands and we start singing together as loud as we could sing and Praising the Lord. It was one of those moments that you keep in your head until you are like 90 years old. I will never forget it, my Lil Z singing his heart out with me, even though you couldn't understand but a word here or there and of course it wasn't the right words.  But I Know to God they were the right words, Praise is Praise.  It was the absolute BEST.  Things settled down a bit after that and we watched Winnie The Pooh, Very Merry New Year for the one hundredth time, ( He love Mickey and He loves Pooh and we watch them constantly) ...and it was just about time to go get the girls from school. Zeb had not had a nap and that is not good, because when he has not had a nap , then he goes into mischevious mode. You mothers of boys especially know what I am talking about. Well I had all my clothes on, and had his shoes in hand and I find him in the kitchen on the stool and he is spraying lysol into the sink. I said Zeb what are you doing?? Don't spray the Lysol and I go to grab it from him and what happens...YES, You guessed it....He had also sprayed the splat I am flat in the floor on my bottom/back for the 2nd time in about 2 wks. (FYI, he did almost same thing with armorall not too long ago, he really likes to get stuff and spray it)  ...I was so stunned, I just layed there and Zeb was laughing, he didn't realize I really was sort of hurt, or pride hurt is more like it.  Then he got off the stool and said " Ok Mommy, Me Just Kidding, Get Up Now" ......I am laying out in the middle of the kitchen floor covered in lysol and he is saying Me just kidding, what??....I busted out laughing again and he layed down beside me  in the Lysol and started laughing again , and we laughed and laughed.  So for a few minutes today, I forgot about all that is up and coming and just laughed  and laughed with my almost 3 year old baby boy.  Thank you God, it was such a Gift!



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  1. Sounds like you had a great day with Zeb. You really needed this precious time with Zeb before his surgery. I know how much it means to me to get in that time with Logan before his.

    Keep laughing, smiling and loving that little guy!!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan