Sunday, March 7, 2010


Sorry for the delay in update..been a busy morning. we had a crazy early night, with pain but finally got Zeb to take his meds and he fell asleep around midnight and he slept all night. Thank God. The doctors rounded early this morning and told us that they were gonna leave in Z chest tube for another day. So we went to the atrium to let Z make a craft and then here comes his nurse saying Dr. Bradley ( the surgeon) was here and wanted to go ahead and pull the tube. I of course had a mommy moment and was scared, but I know Dr. Bradley knows what is best. He is the surgeon but he is also a man of God. Because the tube is actually sutured into his chest they had to give Z a shot of morphine in his IV, but he was such a little trooper, I held his hand and he never even flinched. He was waaaay ticked off though. I can tell you that, he gave Dr. Bradley some looks lol. I will post one later of him and Dr. Bradley and the look on Z's face is priceless. So since the tube is out, he had to be still for about an hour and now he has on his Thomas Jammies and is doing good. Dr. Bradley said if his chest xrays continue to look good and he does well overnight, we may can even come home tommorow or tues. We just take it day by day. I am soo ready to come home and see my girls, but we want what is best for our Zbug. Also please pray specifically for this, Zbug is giving us a very hard time, he will not take his meds, he absolutely refuses them and the pain meds are very important and his other meds. We and the nurse thinks he is associating them with pain due to the craziness with pain the other night, because that is when he stopped complying. So please is so necessary and so worrisome that he want take them. We appreciate your prayers and we are so amazed at the work God has done.. Zeb is a champ...on the other hand Mom and Dad, we are nervous nervous nervous, but I know God will provide GRACE FOR US.
It has been sooo wonderful to finally really get to hold my baby on my lap. The Chest tube really hinders that. He still has his IV and his Heart box/system but those are minor..OH how wonderful to hold my sweet miracle boy.. Love u guys.. May God Bless you all.
Many Blessings,

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  1. Glad the chest tube is out. Maybe that will make him feel a bit better. I know all about the no med taking thing. Logan goes through that too and it is a struggle for a while....even after you come home. Some days I have to about sit on him to get him to take them and other days he fully cooperates. I too think it has everything to do with the hospital and the pain issues.

    Saying many prayers that Zeb will start feeling better and come around.

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan