Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today has been a good day, we got really good report from the Dr. as I mentioned earlier and Zeb is looking great. I am so amazed at the strength in our 3 year old boy. I would probally be whining and showing out. LOL.. 
Today we got a Glimpse of the Zeb we all know and love....
 He was flirting with his nurses, got them all hemmed up..seriously..
 He was playing like he was a Pirate all day ...which he loves and does very very often at home,
 He was hamming it for the  camera while eating his lunch, and talking on the bed remote like a phone,
 When Mommy was talking to the nurse he is trying to get my attention, so he is calling me Rhonda..
 He has become quite the picasso in Atrium/Playroom and decided today that his Dad would look good
  with a green mustache...It was hilarious...No PIcs...Sonny would not let me ...
 He thinks he is superman, he said me push you in the wheelchair mommy?? Hello....
He has been on my phone all day talking to his many GRANDMAS ....
 He is being very picky and independant...Today he told me that Chick Fil La was disgusting..?? Where did he get that word??
He was giving Dr. high five today...and smiling that big Zbug Smile..
He is being stubborn stubborn stubborn about taking his meds and we are having to bribe him..I bet he is doing it on purpose ?? You Think??
He said his famous line for the first time today again..."What ya doing?" ...( I love it, it's precious)
He made his nurse crack up when she was playing with him and had to go, he said .."No You Get Back Here"....She came back too..(LOL) for a minute or two.. 
He got to go off the unit/monitor for 30 min today and of couse he talked Daddy and I into going to the gift shop and get a prize and a sucker and then the weather was beautiful so we could take him outside for a min or two and he said .."We are at the Park" ...

It has been a complete Joy today to see a Glimpse of our Lil Zeb today.  He is ill tonight and very tired, but hey look what all he has been up to today 4 days post op and still with chest tube...So we are praying and believing for a restful night with nooo pain.  Thank you God for Today...I needed it. I was very sad this morning and crying because I miss my princesses and then some craziness going on with Zeb's chest tube and worrying things that Mommas I needed today and God gave me favor.  Thank you guys for your prayers, we feel them, and we are so Blessed by them.  Please say a few prayers for our lil heart friend Logan tonight he has had a rough time since his surgery and his mom is a very special lady who is precious to our family. She is an encourager and source of strength to me even when she has none. So remember her and her sweet Logan tonight.  Also say a prayers for our girls, I know they miss us, we miss them and I will be happy when our family is complete again. We love you Preslee and Kerrigan, YOU ARE OUR PRINCESSES!!

Many Blessings,



  1. So glad to hear Zeb is getting back to his adorable, mischevious (it sounds like!) self! Ha! It's always great to see their personality return. Praying for you!

    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  2. I just read both of your updates and I totally understand the weepy spells. I had those days especially when all of the craziness was happening to Logan too. It is hard being in the hospital under such an enormous amount of pressure 24/7 and then missing your other kids. I can relate to all of that!

    You are such a strong mommy and I know that you can get through this! Zeb is so resilient and I love hearing how his personality is shining through once again. That's a good sign Rhonda!

    Thanks for the prayers for our sweet Logan! {{{HUG}}}

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan