Wednesday, March 24, 2010

There is a little boy....

There is a little boy ....
Zbug looks great and no Effusion! Woohoo! He also got a ok for some "Out of the House time" within reason, no taking him to major germy places and always be cautious of course! So what did we do??? We took him to his favorite place to eat.. CRACKER BARRELL.... of course at a table in the far corner for lunch with germy gel in hand and He LOVED it!! Well See for yourself.........

He was Cleaning up His Plate Pretty Good!!

YOU WANT A BITE?? I WILL SHARE..............

After 3 wks of going NOWHERE but to Dr. he was happy as can be and didn't even fuss about sitting in the booster seat and we picked him up a fun bubble machine on the way out..( the kind like they have at the Dr. Office) You should get one..It is lots of fun! We ( He and Mommy) are fighting over it!!

Many Blessings!



  1. Great NEWS GUYS!!! YUM! I am getting hungry seeing that delicious food Zeb! Bet it tasted good....of course getting a little freedom probably made it taste even better!

    Enjoy your bubble machine!

  2. Yay for a good report! Mmmmm...Cracker Barrel... :)

  3. So happy that Zeb is doing so well. What an amazing little guy he is. I am so jealous that you were able to take him out to lunch! It has been almost 2 years since we were able to take Beck to a restaurant...I have forgotten what it feels like to eat out! Sad!

    Thanks so much for your continued prayers and support! I always look forward to your comments. They make my day!

  4. I love you Kim...I know you will get to take him out again..Believing for Sweet Beck and Praying..

    Rhonda ....HUGS

  5. Wahoo!!! Great news Zbug!!! We are so happy you got to go to the Cracker Barrel (yummy!!!) You deserve a fun night out with the family.