Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Morning Update...sorry no update last night

Zeb is doing very well. He is still in the PCICU right now. It has been a long night, but he is good. They were able to get him off the vent. It was very scary because he was fine and when they pulled the tube he was not breathing well and there was talk about re-intubating but the nurses and Sonny and I kept talking to him and patting him and working with him and he started doing better. Praise God! They discovered that it was the Morphine, his body is not reacting well to it, it shuts down, so they are switching it out soon, but giving him very little doses now. I can tell you he was not a happy lil customer when he awoke, he was pulling wires and pulled his oxyegen and tape straight off his face, uggh! They had to restrain him of course to keep him from pulling out his other wires, chest tube, etc. I was not happy about that but once he got more calm, he is okay with it and his sweet nurse got him a Pooh Bear DVD to watch. Of course he is really in and out so he is not watching it much. We just got kicked out for a while for shift change and doctor rounds, but they did tell us that with his progress he very possibly will get to move to the step-down unit today. This is Amazing!! It will also be great too as we can stay with him all day/night and we will have a room, cause we still haven't gotten into RMH they are so slammed. We have been very BLESSED though and were able to stay at the hotel with our friends, OR I should say me anyway, Stubborn Daddy has not slept a wink until now, he is now in the RMH room here sleeping...I slept about 2 hrs. I feel great though, God is giving me supernatural strength. I can tell you though seeing our 3 yr old go through this surgery and seeing his strength has really Blessed me..It is unreal how strong he is. God is Good! Thank you so much for your prayers, we definately without a doubt feel them. You are such a BLESSING to us. We Love you all. We will update when we find out more later today.

Many Blessings,


Sorry no pics..I don't know how to load from here ..I will post some later ..


  1. Rhonda,
    Thanks for the update! I have been praying for all of you!

    It is amazing how very little sleep you can get and still function when your body is running on pure adrenaline 24/7.

    You are right, God is Good and it is so evident seeing the little miracles these kids are following surgery.

    Keep looking up girl! {{{HUG}}}

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  2. I am so glad to hear how well Zeb is doing! I know what you mean about getting strength from God on so little sleep. It totally works! :) I'm sure I'll be seeking more advice from you on how to deal with a 3 yr old having surgery when Andrew goes for his this summer. I am dreading it, and scared to death as to how he'll react when he wakes up. It is so different than surgery on a baby! Your words about how seeing your 3 yr old go through this has blessed you gave me goosebumps. You just feel so proud of them and the fighter that they are!

    Keeping Zeb in our prayers. Oh, and I got his button added to our blog! :)

    Jen, Craig & Andrew

  3. thanks girls....LOVE YOU ..Our guys are SUPER HEROES!!