Friday, March 12, 2010

Just a thought or two for now....

A pic a fellow heart mom fixed for me ~ ~  PRECIOUS~

It has been a busy busy week..since we have arrived back at home!!! First, let me just say this...THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME...Dorothy hit the nail on the head when she said that, oh how many times, I looked for my red sequin shoes while we were at MUSC but someone took them, they were no where to be found!  I was terrified at first of leaving worrying myself sick with all the this and that and what if and what coulds but once I got home I was fine.  It was just nice to be here and to sleep in a real bed for one thing and to see my beautiful princesses! It didn't really feel like home until they got home officially on Wed night. I have missed them so much. It is so hard to have to leave them but I thank God that we had such wonderful family to help us with them. Wed morning, bright and shining early we had to head to Dr. Lucas' office for cardio follow up. I was very nervous to be exact because the last time we were there is when we got "the news".  The echo turned out great and Dr. Lucas was "More than Pleased" with the repair that Dr. Bradley had done in Zeb's heart.  We Thank God for this repair and consider it a miracle as we were told it would be almost impossible. They did not hear any fluid in his lungs or see any effusion around his heart. Also, his incision looked great. He did have to pull the suture from his chest tube wound and Zeb was not a happy camper but only for a minute. He is not liking Drs., nurses, or anyone at all in scrubs right now , but hey can you blame him.  Also Dr. Lucas helped me to feel better about his valve, at MUSC we were told several times the the valve was very tight or stenosed...Well Houston, to me that sounds like a problem?  I had been up worrying about this several nights, because this is how our history goes in a short sweet sentence....Severe Stenosed Aortic Valve..Aortic Valvularplasty to open up the valve ....cause a mild leak....2nd Aortic Valvularplasty to open up the valve..worked but cause a moderate leak...then 2/2/10 extreme leaky valve..regurgitation, mitral valve irritated etc.,  Open Heart Surgery to correct this ...then
they tell me needless to say I WAS FREAKING OUT!!  Dr. Lucas helped to ease my fears. He said that yes it is tight but it had to be to stop the leak with is ZERO leaking!! PRaise God, and that the stenosis is mild to moderate  and they will just have to monitor it. Of course they have told us that it is only temporary but I have to pray through this and know that God in in control!!!!  I will continue to Trust him!!  

In the mean time Zbug is doing great!! Can we say....BREAK OUT THE DUCT TAPE???? How in the world am I suspose to keep him from running, climbing, and jumping for 6-8 wks??? How in the world??? I am telling you I am a nervous wreck!! He is a mess!! Also of course we are on lockdown for a while and he don't understand why he can't go to school, etc etc...It is a hard life for a 3 year old 100% boy for a while, but we are trying to make it interesting!!  Well..I have lots of pictures to post, and lots of stuff to say but I will share a few now and I will get back with you guys later..

I appreciate all your prayers, all your love, all your kind words for me and our LIl Zbug...we are so Thankful for him and for the Amazing lil man he is ...We call him Superman!! He is our HERO!!

Many Blessings ~


This is my Happy Pic!! All 3 of my Beautiful Babies TOGETHER AGAIN~

This is Z and his heart buddy Lil D (Derrick Carter)

He made Zbug smile....We so appreciate them visiting us at MUSC~


  1. There IS no place like home! So glad you are feeling better about things and getting all settled into home life again.

    It is hard keeping them still for that long of time but somehow you find a way. We broke out the play-doh and movies. That is probably why we now have a TON of play-doh and a TON of movies in our house. YIKES!! That is a TON of cleaning up for me on a daily basis! LOL!!

    ENJOY your time together again!! {{{HUG}}}

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  2. lol...I know it playdough makes such a mess and we have a ton of it now thanks to a special friend...I also got out the old vsmile today and he likes it..gotta keep him in slow is hard to do..
    Thanks Stef!!


  3. I just wanted to say Hi, on your blog and let you know that I found my way here! Thanks so much for visiting our blog!!! So glad we have each other... I do believe God brings us our friends, when we ask!!! Heart hugs!!! Joy

  4. What a beautiful boy you have (and girls as well) I LOVE the pictures! My heart is so thankful that you are finally home, hospitals just never feel like home do they? Zeb is in my prayers, I feel a very close bond to him and you. What are the odds I find a family like you to inspire me? God is great!!!

  5. Oh by the way, can I just tell you how much it means to me that I have a friend that'speaks' all the terms of aortic stenosis? I have not even been able to connect with other heart moms in my fears because mine seem to be different. Andy has a leaky valve, may be a problem in doing the catherter which may mean The Ross Procedure. And of course the absolute fear of the stenosis, is is mild, moderate, severe- is it progressing for the worst as we speak? I so connect with you Rhonda. Thank you for giving me love even though my boy has not been down the open heart surgery road yet. Zbug (and his triumphs) is my vision of hope for Andy's future. Thank you for giving me that!!!

  6. I'm so glad you all are enjoying being home. I agree completely...there's no place like home! Dorothy was a smart cookie! :)

    I'll send the rest of the pics asap!